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Jacquie Bird

June 10. 6 minute read

Self-Torture, Punishment & Our Critical Voices

The meltdown happened because I tried to erase them. By sayi

Jacquie Bird

May 27. 5 minute read

Gratitude Is The Right Attitude

Wanna change your mood, Perspective and outlook? Being Grate

Jacquie Bird

May 20. 10 minute read

8 Tips For Success To Destress

Having lived most of my life  stressed out to the nth degre

Jacquie Bird

May 13. 8 minute read

Worry: The Anti-Wellness Drug

Worry is a very successful brand, it is soooooo consistent i

Jacquie Bird

May 6. 8 minute read

The Power and Value of Sound Healing

I have used Himalayan Singing Bowls to alleviate back pain,

Jacquie Bird

April 29. 7 minute read

Our Shrinking Attention Span

As the attention span continues to diminish, our levels of s

Jacquie Bird

April 22. 8 minute read

Our Triggers and How To Rise Above Them

There were two people who could get under my skin in a heart

Jacquie Bird

April 15. 13 minute read

If It’s For You, It’s Yours

"...if it's for me, it's mine, I don't care who comes into t

Jacquie Bird

April 8. 4 minute read

Trust Your Self (Don’t Listen To The Naysayers)

Naysayers sit on the sidelines judging and criticizing, mise

Jacquie Bird

April 1. 5 minute read


Ask yourself: how much time in your day do you spend, CRITIC

Jacquie Bird

March 27. 5 minute read

Inspiration and Motivation

Motivation, yes, it gets things done, you make that goal...

Jacquie Bird

March 20. 6 minute read

Jacquie Bird

March 14. 9 minute read

No Regrets. When Things Are Not Meant To Be

"...but in the end, Regret is just an empty feeling, devoid

Jacquie Bird

August 14. 6 minute read

Do We Make Things Harder Than They Need To Be?

I wore depression like a hoodie, and if you're hip to the Pe

Jacquie Bird

May 8. 9 minute read

Time to Fire Your Inner Critic

Though seemingly helpful at times, our Inner Critics are bas

Jacquie Bird

April 4. 8 minute read

Perfection: That Thing We Aspire To. But WHY?

It wasn't until I began to release the self-imposed constrai

Jacquie Bird

March 21. 6 minute read

What I’d Tell My Younger Self

You are not the pain, disappointments, failures, fears...

Jacquie Bird

February 6. 9 minute read

Identity Crisis: Who The Heck Am I, NOW???

Understandably so. Your other half walks in sobbing, you wan

Jacquie Bird

January 30. 6 minute read

What is this Thing Called Aging & Why Do We Freak Out About It?

I found it both humorous and a bit alarming. If he's freakin

Jacquie Bird

January 23. 8 minute read

Being Aware of & Reducing My Carbon Footprint

There are so many things we can choose from in being more Mi

Jacquie Bird

January 16. 8 minute read

Seeking & Gaining Clarity

Notice how when you're out in Nature and are really Present

Jacquie Bird

January 9. 5 minute read

Thank You, Costa Rica. Epilogue

I truly heard my Divine Guidance in Costa Rica on quiet full

Jacquie Bird

January 2. 5 minute read

Waterfall Paradise, Costa Rica

So folks listen, the hike ain't for the faint hearted. You n

Jacquie Bird

December 20. 5 minute read

Sarapiqui River Boat Tour, Costa Rica

I whole-heartedly recommend the Sarapiqui River Boat Tour!

Jacquie Bird

December 1. 5 minute read

Independence Day 2022, Costa Rica

When Frank so graciously invited us to hang with him on Inde

Jacquie Bird

November 1. 6 minute read

The Magic That is Bio Thermales Hot Springs, Costa Rica

How much fun jumping into and out of each hot spring pool?!

Jacquie Bird

October 24. 4 minute read

Iguana Cafe & Arenal in Costa Rica: My 10 Day Wellness Reset

By the time we arrived to the mountain, the rain was hoverin

Jacquie Bird

October 17. 7 minute read

Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Waterfalls OH MY! & Coffee. Costa Rica

A SLOTH in the tree! As I mentioned earlier, my dude LOVES s

Jacquie Bird

October 10. 11 minute read

Travel Day. Costa Rica: My 10 Day Wellness Reset

While in the square, we saw a replica of the world's largest

Jacquie Bird

October 3. 5 minute read

Costa Rica. My 10 Day Wellness Reset: Prologue

Costa Rica. Pura Vida!!! What a trip, WOW!

Jacquie Bird

September 26. 10 minute read

Take A Walk In Courage

How can anyone tell you what's right for YOU. And why listen

Jacquie Bird

September 19. 3 minute read

Self Care Challenge

There are some suggestions in the vid but the best person to

Jacquie Bird

September 12. 3 minute read

Stress and Anxiety Reliever Tip #2 DANCE!

Getting a good sweat on from dancing is a most magnificent w

Jacquie Bird

August 29. 7 minute read

Stress and Anxiety Relievers Tip #1

There's some rules that we adhere to as we move through and

Jacquie Bird

August 22. 4 minute read

A Practicing GRATITUDE Challenge

And as it becomes more a part of the fabric of your mind, a

Jacquie Bird

August 15. 10 minute read

Some Businesses & Solopreneurs I Love

I truly Appreciate purchasing from fellow Creatives, small b

Jacquie Bird

August 8. 4 minute read

Mindfulness Evolution Exercise #1

Yesssss, exercising, hydrating & watching what we eat are im

Jacquie Bird

August 3. 6 minute read

Tolerance or Acceptance?

Tolerating Yourself. Does that sound very Loving? Accepting

Jacquie Bird

July 25. 7 minute read

An An, My Meeting With The Giant Panda

Now you may say, 'Bird, why are you talking about a panda be

Jacquie Bird

June 13. 7 minute read

Facing Reoccurring Challenges? Become A Spiritual Archaeologist

Did I want to be a cranky pop tart or did I want to Be the L

Jacquie Bird

May 16. 8 minute read

Keeping The Faith, A Well-Being Must-Have

Joy won't dance into a room that's locked, your Heart must b

Jacquie Bird

May 2. 5 minute read

Wisdom Gems: Trust. Your. Self.

When we dim our Light in not following what our Intuition te

Jacquie Bird

April 25. 10 minute read

What Is Happiness? A Mindfulness Recipe

Throughout my Life I have had some serious bouts of depress

Jacquie Bird

April 18. 10 minute read

Loss, Grief & Gratitude-A Love Letter To My Friend

Why would they wanna pick on her, she didn't do anything to

Jacquie Bird

April 11. 8 minute read

Got Stress? 9 Gemstones and Crystals for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress and anxiety relievers come in all shapes, styles and

Jacquie Bird

March 28. 15 minute read

Reducing Stress—Be An Advocate For Your Well Being

Are you Aware of what happens to your body when you see some

Jacquie Bird

March 21. 7 minute read

Appreciation is A Wisdom Gem

Appreciation lifts Your Energy and Vibe and when you activel

Jacquie Bird

March 14. 8 minute read

Resilience and Flexibility

Resilience says yes, you’ve been kicked in the teeth by a

Jacquie Bird

March 7. 6 minute read

Letting Go & Stripping Away

Thinking about letting go of something or someone go can cau

Jacquie Bird

February 21. 8 minute read

What’s In Your Mental Shop? On The Mindfulness Tip

It's kinda like making a smoothie, ya gotta blend your ingre

Jacquie Bird

February 7. 5 minute read

The Yen For Zen In Our Daily Lives

If you begin getting your Zen Zone Mojo together while not a

Jacquie Bird

January 17. 3 minute read

Totality: Being In The Present Moment

We may feel there are too many things to do at once, but get

Jacquie Bird

January 10. 1 Minute Read

Taking A Mindfulness Moment Guided Meditation

Think of TimeOuts as mini vacays, our minds can be powerful

Jacquie Bird

January 3. 10 Minute Read


Forgiveness doesn’t say ‘oh it’s ok, it’s fine that

Jacquie Bird

December 27. 4 minute read

Developing A Self-Esteem Mindset

Do you think you hated your nose as a baby? Do you think oth

Jacquie Bird

December 20. 3 minute read

Negative Self-Talk is Not Your BFF

­­­­­Negative Self-Talk is not your BFF.

Jacquie Bird

December 6. 7 minute read

Learning To Go With The Flow in This Thing Called Aging

One of the advantages of living is that we gain experience f

Jacquie Bird

November 29. 1 Minute Read

Take Deep Conscious Breaths it’s Mindfulness Monday

Of course, you can choose to go through the day in drudgery

Jacquie Bird

June 1. 2 mint

Tap Into The Depths Of Your Soul in Mindfulness

One of the many Lessons in front of us is considering that a

Jacquie Bird

May 11. 9 min

On The Mindfulness Tip: It’s A Matter of The Consequences

When we’re little, there are endless lessons on The Conseq

Jacquie Bird

May 4. 3 min

Immerse Yourself in Living

The definition of Immerse Yourself is to completely involve

Jacquie Bird

April 30. 1 min

Musings On The Outside. The Coronavirus Diaries Part ll

The more #positiveenergy we choose to inhabit, the more we s

Jacquie Bird

March 28. 6 min

The Six Best Gifts To Give Yourself Anytime!

The Six Best Gifts To Give Yourself Anytime…And They’re

Jacquie Bird

March 21. 9 min

Practicing Mindfulness in a World of Fear—Coronavirus

“...when fishermen can’t go to sea, they repair nets…a

Jacquie Bird

November 21. 2 min

The Present Moment, Is NOW

"...In ALL of your dreams for the future, know you are Creat

Jacquie Bird

November 7. 1 min

Listen. In The Stillness

...There is Centered-ness, in The Stillness for it is a Jour

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