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Jacquie Bird

January 24. 5 minute read

Gratitude Is The Right Attitude

BOY, DO WE LOVE A NEW YEAR! The New Year comes with much fan

Jacquie Bird

January 17. 3 minute read

Totality: Being In The Present Moment

Soulful Greetings! "We may feel there are too many things to

Jacquie Bird

January 10. 1 Minute Read

Taking A Mindfulness Moment Guided Meditation

We feel so much more refreshed when we take the time to BREA

Jacquie Bird

January 3. 10 Minute Read


...there is nothing in the replaying of those events that se

Jacquie Bird

December 27.

Developing A Self-Esteem Mindset

  Developing A Self-Esteem Mindset     Develo

Jacquie Bird

December 20.

Negative Self-Talk is Not Your BFF

  Negative Self-Talk     ­­­­­Negative S

Jacquie Bird

December 6.

Learning To Go With The Flow in This Thing Called Aging

If We Take a Fresh Look at This Thing Called Aging, We May F

Jacquie Bird

November 29.

Take Deep Conscious Breaths it’s Mindfulness Monday

Kick Your Week Off on the Good Foot with Mindfulness Monday

Jacquie Bird

September 29.

Breathe Deeply. 7 Tips For Success To DE-Stress

7 Tips For Success To DE-Stress 1- BREATHE DEEPLY. It’s FR

Jacquie Bird

September 21. 1 min

A Podcast Interview Drop!

My Interview on Confidence Through Cabaret   Confidence

Jacquie Bird

June 21. 3mint

Keep The Faith!

When times are rough, you may feel lost and everything seems

Jacquie Bird

June 8. 2 mint

Letting Go

It can be tough letting go but when you do oh BOY DOES IT FE

Jacquie Bird

June 1. 2 mint

Tap Into The Depths Of Your Soul in Mindfulness

One of the many Lessons in front of us is considering that a

Jacquie Bird

May 11. 9 min

On The Mindfulness Tip: It’s A Matter of The Consequences

When we’re little, there are endless lessons on The Conseq

Jacquie Bird

May 4. 3 min

Immerse Yourself in Living

The definition of Immerse Yourself is to completely involve

Jacquie Bird

June 7. 4 min

BECOMING AWARE: Minding Your Store of Thought

Taking time to examine what we are thinking and becoming Awa

Jacquie Bird

May 9. 8 min

Reducing Stress—Be An Advocate For Your Well Being

Are You Aware of what happens to Your body when You see some

Jacquie Bird

April 30. 1 min

Musings On The Outside. The Coronavirus Diaries Part ll

The more #positiveenergy we choose to inhabit, the more we s

Jacquie Bird

March 28. 6 min

The Six Best Gifts To Give Yourself Anytime!

The Six Best Gifts To Give Yourself Anytime…And They’re

Jacquie Bird

March 21. 9 min

Practicing Mindfulness in a World of Fear—Coronavirus

“...when fishermen can’t go to sea, they repair nets…a

Jacquie Bird

November 30. 2 min

Appreciation is A Wisdom Gem

"...The State of Appreciation is Your Rocket Ship to uplifti

Jacquie Bird

November 21. 2 min

The Present Moment, Is NOW

"...In ALL of your dreams for the future, know you are Creat

Jacquie Bird

November 18. 7 min

Resilience and Flexibility, Being Able To Go With The Flow

"...Resilience is the discovery of Your Ultimate Strength...

Jacquie Bird

November 7. 1 min

Listen. In The Stillness

...There is Centered-ness, in The Stillness for it is a Jour

Jacquie Bird

November 5. 2 min

Trust. Your. Self.

...Why do we doubthate doubthate doubthate ourselves so much

Jacquie Bird

October 9. 7 min

Issues & Challenges Are Like Onions

-- Sometimes There Are Many Layers To Peel & Your Eyes Wate

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