Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Waterfalls OH MY! & Coffee. Costa Rica


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE butterflies, hummingbirds and waterfalls. My dude loves iguanas, sloths…and coffee. For our first full day in Costa Rica, we went on a coffee tour and to the La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens. The coffee tour wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, I was expecting to tour a farm. In actuality, it was a tour and lecture about coffee production (yoouse, I was cross-eyed as I do NOT like nor drink coffee). Needless to say, my guy was in heaven and that made the trip so worthwhile.

Oh BAHAHAHA, he just informed me that the coffee tour was the most important part of the trip! So you see, the man LOVES his coffee.

Afterwards, it was off to the La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens and it was my turn to be in heaven. Speaking of heaven, man did they open as the rain came a-flowin’ but as much of the park is indoors that was a very good thing and when it did rain and we were outdoors, we just put on the rain gear and kept it movin’ as I told you in part two, the rain stopped nothing! I still got to see butterflies, hummingbirds and OH MY! THE WATERFALLS. 😊


Let The Day Begin!


The morning started bright and early at Bio Thermales. I am a serious night owl but in Costa Rica, I always tune to the rhythms of that country…



After laying there awhile I decided to get up about 8ish, Frank was coming to pick us up at 10 and our plan, at least my plan was to jump in the hot spring pools beforehand. But nooooo I just piddled around looking at this amazing place in awe. It was kinda like we were in a trance, OMG we were finally back in Costa Rica after 10 long years!!!

And you know how time works right? Looks like you’ve got a lot and then the mad rush is on ’cause time has run out! So it was get it together fast kiddies, Frank was on his way!


A Lesson in Sloths


There was no time for breakfast as we zipped along the roads and I sat behind the boys making sure to keep my eyes OFF the roads. OMG. The driving in Costa Rica! This won’t be the last time I mention this, much of the time my eyes were bulging in terror. But I later realized that when you hang with Frank Herrara Mendez, you’re in good hands!

Bio Thermales is near the town of Aguas Zarcas which is the route Frank took and we stopped along the road for him to show us…

A SLOTH in the tree! As I mentioned earlier, my dude LOVES sloths! Frank explained to us that hawks are deadly for them. The predator lets out a whistle and when the sloth hears the whistle, he lifts his head on the lookout. Otherwise, that’s why they always have their heads down for the most part, for protection.

How he saw that sloth beats me, but he’s a tour guide and he knows his gig! And then he gave us a demonstration by letting out a whistle…



This was so fabulous that I momentarily forgot about my pending concern for the weather–it was threatening to rain and I was afraid it would wash out my hopes to see the waterfalls! Ya know, priorities, priorities…

Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour


For those of you who are avid coffee drinkers, you’da lost your mind on this tour. Meanwhile, this is what was happening to my non-coffee-drinkin’ self: 



I said I should’ve put on my sneakers…and I did! Had ’em in the van! By that time, the rain was threatening even more. All-n-all, it was an enjoyable experience ’cause as I said, it was great seeing Sly in heaven! The young woman who conducted the tour was excellent, very engaging and effervescent so even though this was an element I could’ve skipped, she made it interesting and even I learned a thing or two about coffee production despite myself.




And since we hadn’t had breakfast, Frank ordered us food and it was scur-RUMP-scious! Which took more time before heading out to see my waterfalls. Oh man, we were gonna get caught in the rain fo’ sho!

La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens…AHHHHHHHHH YES!


I was concerned since we got such a late start in the day that maybe we should reschedule this activity, but Frank said we could make it. So off we went. And MANNNNNNNNN it was wayyyyyyyyy the heck up in the mountains, it seemed as if we were driving forever and we were DEFINITELY up in the clouds!

It was absolutely glorious. If you visit Costa Rica, if you can, make sure you go to this park. There are enclosures for rescued animals like the mountain lions and jaguars, sloths, monkeys, along with birds and frogs (which we didn’t visit as it was getting late and I HAD to see the waterfalls!) 

Oh, and there’s a meannnnnnn buffet lunch OH, MAN! Another meal leaving the table overstuffed, oy.

But as you know, the main events for me were the butterflies, hummingbirds and the waterfalls!

Gonna let the video below speak for itself…



The rain ain’t stop no parade! It was fantabulous! Because much of the park’s attractions had a roof, we were able to film unimpeded. The only thing is because it was so overcast, Frank explained to us that the butterflies were hanging out at the top so they could get the maximum light. So we really didn’t see many but because I saw my Blue Morpho Butterflies, I was ohhhhhh-KAY!

Same with the hummingbirds, we didn’t see many. And though it was challenging to shoot for me, I was in heaven to capture some of them flying! That is a favorite thing of mine, seeing them hover. The first time I saw a hummingbird was when I was seven, and I have been in love ever since.

Costa Rica, we LOVE YOU! Pura Vida!!! (Pure Life)

Next up: Day Two–Iguana Cafe with iguanas and the Arenal Tour!

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Next up: The Iguana Cafe




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