Iguana Cafe & Arenal in Costa Rica: My 10 Day Wellness Reset


We had visited the Iguana Cafe and the hanging bridges in Arenal 10 years ago so we knew we didn’t need to visit the bridges again but the Iguana Cafe was a must. When we were there before, there were TONS of them–in front, and in the trees and the river that boarded the place on the side. I remember there being some HUGE ones and one that was pretty old.

But my dude didn’t really get to enjoy the place then because we had traveled with a couple who were also staying at Bio Thermales in the neighboring casita, and shall we say, the woman was less than aware of the wants and needs of others. Girlfriend MONOPOLIZED him and because he’s so sweet, he sat with her and her husband pretty much the entire time while I was enjoying myself!

(and secretly seething. He’s the one who really wanted to go to the Iguana Cafe, she just agreed to go. It was all about her but because we rode with them my dude didn’t want to rock the boat. I, on the other hand didn’t have that concern and ended up pissing her off royally before the week was out hahahaha).

What pissed her off even more was that I didn’t give a whit as to having had pissed her off. Her husband was lovely though…and a saint!


The Iguana Cafe this Time Around…


WHERE were the iguanas? There were hardly any! I spoke with one of the owners, (well actually Frank did the talking) and she didn’t know the reason there were so few–matter of fact, while we were there, a tour van came with a group of young’uns who were none too pleased at there being none to see.

But they really didn’t know where to look other than the obvious places…and they didn’t have Frank!



This experience at the Iguana Cafe was just flippin’ awesome! And the food, OMG IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD WE WENT TWICE! The batidos (smoothies) are insane…but next time, gotta make sure I get them with water and not milk ’cause by the end of the week my po’ stomach was tore-wup! (I had temporarily lost my mind and forgotten the ‘minor’ detail about being lactose intolerant–until I was not so pleasantly reminded, OW!)


On To The Arenal Volcano Tour


By the time we arrived at the mountain, the rain was hovering to our left, justa ready to pour down. The Arenal Volcano is one of the five active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Fun fact: to be considered an active volcano, it must have erupted in the last 10,000 years. There are 200 identifiable volcanic formations with 100 showing any signs of volcanic activity. credit: govisitcostarica.com 

On our visit 10 years ago, we lucked up in seeing the top of the mountain but this time I only got a partial view from the van.

But the hike and the information we received from Frank more than made up for that…ULTRA EXTRAORDINARY!


Costa Rica, we LOVE YOU! Pura Vida!!! (Pure Life)


Bio Thermales Hot Springs: FacebookAir BnB

They are #1 in Ranchos on Trip Advisor and the 8th Best Air B&B in the world

Frank Tours: Facebook


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