The Magic That is Bio Thermales Hot Springs, Costa Rica


Everyday, I am Visualizing our return to Bio Thermales Hot Springs in Costa Rica. Every. Single. Day since we left. Even as we were in the van heading back to the airport I was Visualizing our return! The magic that’s in this place, the warm and incredible hosts, the land, the smells, the sights, the sounds, the hot springs mannnnnnn it’s almost overwhelming!

Bio Thermales Hot Springs is located near Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos in the Alajuela Province. Founded and Created by Bernie Zabel and Kathy Dyhr who are also the hosts of this oasis, they co-created with Nature in conceptualizing and manifesting this piece of relaxation, restoration and creativity. 

This post is filled with videos so you can see the splendor (and so I could revisit and continue to Visualize our return 😊) In the words of Kathy, she says of this haven: “who will like Bio Thermales? People who enjoy being close to nature, surrounded by rainforest, in delightful handcrafted facilities with the essential comforts, including air conditioning, at affordable prices, in a casual and friendly country atmosphere, off the beaten track, knowing their visit contributes to the sustainable management of the rainforest.”


How Did We Find Out About This Place?


In 2011 when I planned the first trip, I knew I wanted something off the beaten track (as Kathy mentioned above). I searched a lonnnnng time ’cause kiddies, Costa Rica ain’t cheap! I knew I didn’t want to stay in a hotel and was looking for an apartment or a villa to rent. And I also knew I didn’t want to spend the bulk of our budget on a place we would barely be in.

I searched for a few months and almost settled on another place but Internal Guidance whispered, ‘keep looking.’ So I did. And when I was on my last leg and really tired of looking at places, I found the listing on Airbnb. I had some questions (actually a ton) and fired off a lengthy email hoping to receive a response in a timely fashion ’cause this girl was also eyeballing flights and they had gone down a bit…

And not only did I get an email back fast, I also got very very thorough answers to my questions. All of my questions.

Which only prompted more questions. But honestly, I was pretty sold when I saw the listing and read the stellar reviews…however in the process of emailing my thousand questions a friendship was born…or was it us just reconnecting in this time/space continuum? Hmm…


And Then We Arrive for the First Time…


When we got out of the van, Kathy came and hugged me and Sly. It was truly like old friends reconnecting in this lifetime. I cannot fully express how much we love her and her husband Bernie. Words just don’t quite cut it.

We are Eternally Grateful for their friendship which only deepened over the years. So finally getting a chance to see them in the flesh again after a decade was MAGNIFICENT. They truly helped make our 2022 visit the stuff that dreams are made of into manifestation ❤


Sly Bernie Kathy & Me at Bio Thermales Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Clockwise from left to right: Sly Scott, Bernie Zabel, Kathy Dyhr & Me. September 2022


Four Videos That Attempt to Capture Some of The Magic


I’m gonna let the videos do the talking now…



I had so much fun exploring, but those bats gave me pause for a minute 😨 great googa-mooga, I am SUCH a city gal!



How much fun jumping into and out of each hot spring pool?! WOW. And when you finally manage to drag yourself away from them because your fingers have gone beyond ‘prune status’ you just wanna get back in! 

I mention in the video how those round cement paths are something I love but hadn’t put it together for the bulk of my life as to why and then I had a realization after editing this video! Those paths remind me of when I was about 8, I used to run down the hall on my way to my grandma’s apartment in a co-op building near Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. The lights that lined the ceiling were circular and I liked to leap from one reflection on the floor to the other, daring myself to not step in between the spaces between the light reflections as I moved quickly.

My grandma always had some serious goodies she made just for me and I could smell the treats down the hall. Her apartment was at the end of the hallway so I had lots of leaping to do.

My mother was also alive at this time. (speaking of my mother, be sure to keep reading these posts as there’s a beautiful experience I had…)

Dang, I’m about to cry…


The Interview with Kathy and Bernie


It was soooo cool interviewing them, they are a serious testament to it never being too old to begin anew; a serious testament to what happens when Creativity meets Invention and Intention… and man, they are just plain ol’ funny!

(FYI, there is a working video below in case you don’t see a preview showing…just click ‘play’)



I tried not to laugh so loud but I couldn’t help it! 

Kathy mentions that they took part in Biosphere Two, a very important scientific experiment in the 90’s, with the original one in the 80’s. Do yourself a favor and Google these projects (after you finish this post of course 🤣)

I leave you with a tour of the Biodome that Bernie is creating, boy, that was a serious treat!



Costa Rica, we LOVE YOU! Pura Vida!!! (Pure Life)


Bio Thermales Hot Springs: Facebook & Airbnb

They are the 8th Best Air B&B in the world

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