Independence Day, Costa Rica


We had planned to take Thursday off and just chill at Bio Thermales, but when Frank so graciously invited us to hang with him on Independence Day, we couldn’t refuse. We were gassed about the opportunity to see how the Costa Ricans get down on their day of Independence!

And later in the day, Frank introduced us to another restaurant which instantly became our favorite! We really had enjoyed the eating experience in CR but this place really had us jonse-in’ fo mo! More about that later…

What was cool about embarking upon this trip was Frank taking us yet another way on a road we hadn’t yet traveled. Aguas Zarcas is actually downhill from Bio Thermales but Frank liked to show us different looks…only thing is, it was UPHILL and going up a mountain in a van realllly got my nerves a-jangling! But even though I did more than my share of groaning, the views were SPECTACULAR (which is why he took us that way in the first place!)



In the vid I started rambling about how much I love mora (blackberry). I have no idea why or what prompted that lol! And what I edited out was all the moanin’ and groanin’ I did on the way UP the mountain. OMG I was in a tizzy! Mainly because Frank stopped to show us (Sly) this hydroplane pipeline which supplied water to the area. It was quite massive but me sitting on the side of a mountain in a van isn’t the most wonderful thing in the world to me…

There was a ride I used to live for at Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Every year I had to hop on. It was one of the first of its kind in those days and I have forgotten the name. You went either backwards or forwards depending on which one you got on and it was so fast that I could barely get a good scream out before it was over.

(I wanna say it was called something like The Thunderbolt.)

But that was many moons ago and those types of thrills are not on my to-do list anymore! Crazy, but sitting on that mountain waiting for Frank to finish his explanation reminded me of being on this ride (even though we weren’t moving…go figure)


Aguas Zarcas and Bring on The Festivities!


So after the thrills and chills of going uphill and stopping, we headed downhill (which also made me groan) and ultimately into the colorful district of Aguas Zarcas, which means ‘smooth waters.’

Traffic was slow moving and as we approached City Hall, there were many folks in the colors of Costa Rica: red, white and blue. ‘Red represents the generosity of the Costa Ricans and the blood spilled by those defending the country. The color white represents happiness, wisdom, and peace. The color blue stands for opportunities, idealism, perseverance, and the sky.’ Credit: World Population Review

We had to make a stop near Frank’s home to retrieve his phone. He tried to stop at his house but a small parade kept us from getting there and he had to leave the van and walk. We sat at the corner of the main road and took in the sights, plus the sky was absolutely magnificent with the striking clouds floating in the blue blue blue sky.

After we hit the streets again, it was time to find parking–no small feat. But our intrepid guide found a spot and it was a brief walk slightly uphill to locate the best spot for viewing. I was a bit unprepared for the incline for some reason, guess my mind and body thought we were gonna rest that day HAH! On top of that, it had gotten quite hot and we were unprepared for that too as for the most part, the weather had been comfortable the precious days. 

And it was ON! We were in the thick of things…



We truly enjoyed ourselves, but then it was time for some FOOD! Frank took us to Q’Rico, an amazing amazing restaurant oh man the food was sooooooooo GOOD! There is also a location on the Caribbean coast, matter of fact, that’s where it was first established.

The next time we return to CR, that is one place we will definitely hit as many times as possible! Hmmmmm good, Q’Rico!


Costa Rica, we LOVE YOU! Pura Vida!!! (Pure Life)


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