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What is Spiritual Wellness?


Your conscious MindBodySoul connection, Your Vibe, Your Flow, Being in Balance, Centered and Grounded. 

In other words -

Are You in-tune with YOU?

End of The Month 

StressBusters Guided Meditation



Sunday, July 25th 1:00PM EDT

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mindfulness and stress relief

Are You Feeling Stressed?

Your high levels of stress and feeling bad within the Mind Body and Soul channel

are huge indicators of imbalance, You may be feeling cranky, worried, depressed and harried, always 2 steps away from irritable, which reeks havoc on your mental and physical health! Living in balance doesn't mean things are perfect but it equips You to be in a better position to navigate the many stressors in Life with more Grace, more inner stability, more focus, more clarity, more PEACE, thus enabling You to better hear Your Inner Guidance, with the ability to see solutions quicker...or to let go of the people and things that no longer serve You.

Now doesn't that sound a lot better than being stressed when You wake up, stressed when You go to work or school or start the day's work at home, stressed when You see or hear from certain people, stressed during lunch, stressed cause ya gotta stay at work or school longer or are studying for a test or preparing for an interview, presentation or audition, stressed when You leave wherever, stressed when You get in Your car or on mass transit, stressed when...

yes You get my drift.


Yeah everyone is stressed out to the core but just because everyone You know or see is stressed out bonkers doesn't mean YOU have to be. Don't You want to be fly and fabulous when You get older? Or if you're already of mature age, don't You want to elevate Your mood, outlook and Quality of Life?

Well it starts with what kind of  Thought diet You feed Your Mind.

It starts with the types of things You tell Yourself day in and day out.

"Living in balance doesn't mean things are perfect but it equips You to be in a better position to navigate the many stressors in Life."

Let's Get Started With These Techniques for Stress Relief and Mindfulness!

online stress relief tools

eBooks with how-to tips to promote

Wellness, WellBeing, Personal Growth, Mindfulness,

Stress & Anxiety Relief, Anger Management.

mindfulness podcast

Roll With Peace,

In Mind Podcast

In my podcast, I riff on ways to reduce stress & anxiety, increase mindfulness, live more joyfully & how to roll with Peace In Mind. Check out these self care podcasts to reduce stress and increase mindfulness.

Meditation Music

Music and Guided Meditation that takes you where you want to be - Soothed, De-stressed, Balanced, Grounded, Peaceful, more Calm.

meditation music and sound healing

StressBusters Guided Meditation

A holistic stress relief approach utilizing Breath work, Sound Healing, Movement & Gemstones to ZAP stress & Provide Relief.

guided meditation online


Quite simply, MODAL VISIONS is "Textile Art with Benefits" where Art, Spirit & WellBeing Come Together--unique one of a kind handmade gemstone & copper Mandala WallArt Hangings
& handmade jewelry. 
The Mandala WallArt pieces and jewelry can be used not only as decoration and adornment but also as meditation pieces to help soothe, calm, ground and/or energize you.
Guided Meditation Videos


Guided Meditation Videos to rent or buy at YOUR convenience!!
Get your chill vibe on   bust your stress and anxiety, expand your personal growth and increase Mindfulness. 
Vibe with the Jacquie Bird Spiritual Wellness style!!