28 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness


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“Jacquie’s book is so cognitively right on!! My best healing through my life has been firstly God’s word, but I cannot focus on those things if my cognitive thinking is all messed up. This book is perfect for anyone who just wants to live a better life and what is says does not exclude anybody…unless they are not human. That is what is most impressive to me. She puts the things that bog us down daily, minutely, even secondly and gives us tools to look at them straight on and deal with them. However, can we deal with all of them all at the same time? I sure can’t (the forgiveness is one I will have to revisit over and over). But that is why those 28 days will never get old. Work through the book and begin again. Looking at so many different ways to accomplish peace in our lives, and balance. The book is intuitive, obviously abounding in wisdom, and her love for others shines through with how she writes. Like it is a personal letter to us.” –Rhonda Branson


28 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness–Keys 4 Stress Relief & Personal Growth, offers tools and tips on reducing stress and anxiety. In stunning full-color, this Self-Help workbook guide is accessible for a busy schedule and for anyone who wants to begin and/or deepen a Mindfulness Practice.

An easy-to-follow format, days are broken into 2-3 sections consisting of a bold, striking image with “The Thought for the Day,” followed by further exploration and the Mindfulness Mantra and Meditation. On some days, there is an Action section with concrete ways to put the Thoughts and Mantras into motion.

Designed as a reader’s choice, you can either read it cover to cover, then go back to apply each principle, or jump right in on the current day and dig in.

In addition, there are empty pages to write down your thoughts, feelings and reminders. 

28 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness is a guide to reduce stress and anxiety, increase Mindfulness, realize more joy, and to live your best life! It is a must-have Self-Help book.

“I practiced Thankful Thursday. It was wonderful seeing the appreciation on the faces of my staff when I sincerely thanked them for their hard work…” –Tara Thomas

114 colorful pages.