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Jacquie Bird in the Media
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    Of Hand, Spirit & Earth Studio

    Jacquie Bird in the Media

    Jersey City, NJ

    Sound Healing Instruments

    **Now accepting in-person and virtual appointments. I also invite you to check out my SoundSoulVibin’ music for yoga, sleep and meditation audio . To Experience A Full Deep Relaxation, Book A Private 60 Minute StressBusters Guided Meditation session.

    You can also order Custom Guided Meditation tracks. Also, check out my book for stress and anxiety relief.

    “Schedule an appointment to visit this studio and have the personal attention of artist and owner Ms. Jacquie Bird. The studio space is open and welcoming. All of her creations are modestly displayed and available for trying on. Simply find the piece that ‘fits’ you…Ms. Bird will offer her wisdom with regards to the various healing properties and benefits of the different stones. Treat yourself to the gift of a visit to the studio and procure a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is a work of art. I love to peruse MODAL VISIONS for new pieces, but nothing beats the chance to try them on in person and feel the beautiful energy of the woman who makes them.”

    –Amy G. Tuckahoe, NY

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    Jacquie Bird in the Media

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