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About Jacquie Bird. Hmmm… well, like everyone else, I’ve had my ups and downs. On the up-side, I have lived life as a performing artist, writer, singer, teacher, choreographer, world traveler, healer, and handmade stuff maker. I know of no other way to live or be but as a Creative, a Teacher, a Child of Adventure and a Healing Guide.

But the thing of it is, the times we really grow is through adversity. My childhood was very rough after the death of my mother. She was 32. I was 9. From that point on, my upbringing was traumatic and I lived under a roof of abuse, tyranny and plain ol’ craziness. My twenties were tumultuous with extreme highs and lows to the point that it all came crashing down at 30 when I no longer wanted to live.

So I know all too well about pain, trauma, anxiety, depression and suffering. But I also know first hand about the journey of recovery and becoming a conscious participant in the experience of personal growth and self development. I know how incredibly rewarding and fulfilling that is.

In that journey I understand the importance of reducing the levels of stress and anxiety, increasing mindfulness and living as authentic a life as possible. Becoming comfortable in your own skin. These things are priceless.

And to do that, you must be true to self.

These web pages are the direct reflection of who I AM. So to learn even more, check out my products and services. Read my blog and listen to my podcast.

Thank you so much for being here, I hope I can be of service.


“Jacquie Bird cares beyond the music. She listens, hears and feels your individual approach to learning and adjusts to make sure you are clear on what YOU need to do to perform at your best. I know Jacquie to be a great Master teacher and performer. IJS”

–Bruce Hawkins, Performer, Artist, Renaissance Man

Performing Career

“Jacquie Bird is a breath of fresh air as an individual and professional. I had the pleasure to work with Jacquie during our sisterhood while filming “School Daze.” Her gifts and talents are superb. She understands movement, technique and the freedom of expression so that your abilities powerfully soar.”

–Stephanie Clark, Publicist & Performer

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