Daily Meditation: TOTALITY, Being In The Present Moment


Soulful Greetings!

“We may feel there are too many things to do at once, but get bogged down to trying to do a bit here, a bit there, instead of taking one task at a time and getting on with it…”

(I know this idea is almost sacrilegious in this multi-tasking day & age BUT…)

“…developing the knack of being total in responding to whatever comes, as it comes, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Taking one step through life at a time, giving each step your complete attention and energy, can bring a wondrous new vitality and creativity to all that you do.” –Osho Zen Tarot deck

TOTALITY. Being in The Present Moment.

At what moments are You at Your most Total? Yup, that sentence is gramatically atrocious, yet that is exactly the question I ask–at what moments are You at Your most Total? Where and when do You find Yourself TOTALLY engrossed and engaged where Your Mind is One with what you are focusing on and/or Experiencing? (I’m referring to things that are of a benefit to Yourself that You Enjoy).

How do You Feel when so engrossed? (as opposed to grossed out)

How can You bring MORE of that into Your Life?

Or how would You LIKE to bring more of that feeling into Your Life?

Even better, how do You INTEND to bring more of that feeling into Your Life?

I remember hearing Phylicia Rashad speak as part of the SAG Conversations series. There were about 200 of us in a small room hanging on her every word during the interview. I like many, was chomping at the bit to speak to her at the end but when the interview was finished, the host began to usher her out as we sprang into swarm mode. She graciously said ‘oh no no no’ and began to chat with us one on one.

I had my schpiel planned as I didn’t want to take up alot of time as there were a bunch of folks still left after a bunch of us had already had her ear. So as I stepped in and she turned to acknowledge me, I hurriedly told her we had met when I attended a rehearsal for her act as my then husband was a member of her band & barreled on to my next point and almost missed her say “how nice to see you again.” That shocked me to my very core and in mid-sputter, I realized she was looking me DEAD IN MY EYE, I had her TOTAL focus AND attention–it was as if I was the ONLY person in the room.

There was no looking over my head to see who was more interesting to talk to or who she knew–you know how folks can do that to ya right? There was an air of Peace and Wisdom that Flowed from her and time was suspended! I mean, it was DEEP PEOPLE! I don’t think I had ever Experienced that. She was 100% TOTALLY PRESENT and once I caught myself racing through a convo, it made me 100% TOTALLY PRESENT and we had a lovely exchange that I was able to Enjoy thoroughly because I was not in the past, thinking how much I admired her nor was I in the future worrying about taking up her time so someone else could speak with her before we all got thrown out, but right there having a conversation with a fellow Human Being.

A Gemstone that could possibly assist You in Being Present and Total is Onyx

BE the Peace You wish to see.


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