What is this Thing Called Aging & Why Do We Freak Out About It?


Seriously, what IS this thing called Aging and why do we freak  out about it? Oh sure, if you’re one of those folks you have your reasons why the idea of Aging makes you batty. As of this writing, I have just had a birthday and was pretty doggone happy about it. Actually, quite elated.

I am looking forward to receiving my reduced fare Metrocard!! Woo HOOOOOOO! It’s the small things y’all, the small things.

Really though, as I spend more time on the planet, I have been thinking a lot about this thing called Aging. Not because I freak out about it, but because I find it rather fascinating on how much folks freak out about it. It’s inevitable, why not make friends with it? I have a young friend who was freaking the f— out as his TWENTY-FIFTH birthday was coming toward him.

Incredulous, I’m thinkin’ dude, you know how old I am don’tchoo, why you sweatin’ experiencing another year right in front of me??

I found it both humorous and a bit alarming. If he’s freakin’ out now, omg will he freak out so much when 30 approaches that he might just explode and disappear? What the heck???? Check this out, going bonkers over your age actually adds emotionally to any possible physical deterioration you are freaking out about!

Yes. You are getting older. It’s happening. Why not make friends with it? How You Think about ‘aging’ is what you may wanna look at. What does it mean to you? Rushing moment to moment closer to the Great Beyond?

Worry not. You WILL get there. But ‘how ’bout Being Present in The Now? You’re alive NOW.

Chile, I am not Aging, I’m just gaining more years on the planet. I’m too busy Becoming Who I AM and having fun while doing it. Sure things change, our bodies change, shit happens, yada yada, but my job is to take care of My Temple to the best of my ability, Appreciate it, Honor it, Be Grateful for it and to Live My Best Life in it.


I Have Seen It In Action


I have watched people actually add to their age and speed up the process based on how they view it. What we Think, CREATES. The question is, what do you wish to Create? I watched my stepmom disintegrate as the years went by in part to how she viewed that aspect of Living. When she hit 68 she started calling herself an old lady. She was strong, vital and energetic, but the more she claimed being old, the more she helped to Create that aspect in her physical body.

Proclaiming to be an old lady, she expected to get sick, to become decrepit and disabled. And she did just that.

What we Think, CREATES.

I watched this Strong, Vibrant woman begin to break down, all the while ferociously confirming her ‘old lady’ status. So much of our fear of the ‘Aging’ process is because we view it as one more step towards death, we start worrying about our mortality as soon as we start bemoaning each birthday.

In the 80’s I was a young pup pursuing my career. Then the AIDS epidemic hit. In my photo albums, there are soooo many young men I danced with who didn’t make it to their 30’s, some never even made it to 25, let alone 20. My wonderful dance partners, virile one day, emaciated the next and then gone in the blink of the eye.

Be Grateful for every moment. Do not spend any time bemoaning the approach of another year. Spend more time living, not worrying about your mortality or getting ill and feeble.


What is The Quality of Life That I Want to Live?


As time has gone by, I am even more reminded of how important it is to ask this question: what is the Quality of Life That I Want to Live, to Experience? When we’re young adults, most of our focus is on education. Once out of school we need a job. We are also wanting to find/meet ‘that special someone’ and during that time period, we are focused on career and our new families. Quality of Life is not something we talk about or consider–our focus is on getting ahead in the career, making as much money as possible, buying that house and/or car, having and raising children.

And in the midst of all the activity, all the running back in forth to achieve goals, all the while underneath, there is a foreboding with each birthday. And while some of us scream from the rafters, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” some of us would rather not speak of it. It is the Life Experience That Shall Not Be Named. Do you know there are some folks that I have known for eons and I STILL don’t know their ages??? And some of them are YOUNGER than me!

Ohhhh but I do have a pretty good idea how old they are tho 🤣🤣🤣

‘What are the things I wish to acquire and achieve?’ is a different ask than What is The Quality of Life I want to have and live?’ The latter is a much deeper convo with self to Self. And though the details may change and get altered with time and Growth, after awhile, you may realize that it’s so much simpler than you once believed.


The Answers Become Clearer


I realize now that what I want outta Life is Joy, Alignment with WellBeing (Good Health), Abundance, Prosperity, Love, Peace and Ease. 

The ways in which to Receive, Achieve and Experience these Essences are Unlimited.

The Allowing of all this is through



Clear Intention,



Practicing Gratitude,

Being Kind to Yourself and to Others

and Expecting The Best.


Wisdom is Gained Through Experience and Awareness


When I hit 20,

I couldn’t conceive of 30

When I hit 30,

I almost died of my worry

When I hit 40,

I began to Breathe

When I hit 50,

I was Floatin’ Free

Though I was still lookin’

to see who I Be

When I hit 60,

I began to hum

‘you’re a long way Dear

from whence you’ve come!’

And now at 65,

The Queen has arrived,

Comfortable and Grateful

in her Shine



Learning to Go With The Flow is KEY


Here’s a nice article with some good tips on the subject.


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