Facing Reoccurring Challenges? Become A Spiritual Archaeologist


When facing reoccurring challenges, one must become a Spiritual Archaeologist to get to the bottom of things and reveal what lies beneath. One must get to the why of it–why are these challenges coming back again? Each issue, each challenge even if they look the same, call upon us to dig deeper. Fighting against it prolongs and intensifies the pain, blocks the recognition of solutions and takes you further away from Peace and gaining Clarity.

In evaluating my Life’s Journey to this point, one of the things I am ever reminded of is that one’s Spiritual Evolution is ongoing for as long as you live, you never get it done as there is no finish line, ALL is in a State of Becoming. Including YOU. You may think by the time you hit a certain age that if you’ve dealt with an issue or challenge before that you’re done. No need to ever have to go through that again!

Ehhhhhh so you think…but when that same issue arrives at your door step express mail with your name on it, ya just wanna scream ‘WHY WHY WHY AM I GOING THROUGH THIS AGAIN???? I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!’


Figuring Out Those Issues


Nope, you’re not done. Issues and challenges are like onions, just because you peel off a layer or two or three or four doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t more layers. So if something repeats and rolls back up atcha, the best thing to do is not to despair, just remember it’s just an ATM (Another Teachable Moment) and that you have a new opportunity to learn the lesson even better this go ’round. 

Because soooooo much of the baggage we carry is from childhood, it can take a bit of time to identify the true issue, not what lies upon the surface. And then once identified, it can take some more time to unload it because you’re working through it. It took a long time for those things to take root and become your story. Patience and Awareness of habits and patterns is Key. And of course, to do this, one must be that Spiritual Archaeologist, going deep within to uncover clues and solutions.

And we know, the issues can be numerous! Mommy issues, Daddy issues, abandonment issues, issue issues! I mean we can really pack ’em on! But the good thing is…




Unless you make it that way.

I was born a happy kid by nature, luckily for me because I’ve had some serious knocks, falls, concussions and contusions along the way, enough that I could be a ripe bitter fig right about now. Yet I had realized along the journey that every battle scar, every shank to the heart, every punch in the stomach, every disaster and tragedy helped me to decide what kinda ME I wanted to be. Did I want to be a cranky pop tart or did I want to Be the Light that Breathes me? Did I want to see the world I inhabit through a beat-up plastic bottle in the ocean or did I want X-ray vision? Did I want to hold on to every grievance I’d been wrought or was it better to begin to throw out the luggage sitting in baggage claim?

I began my Spiritual Excavations in earnest toward the end of my twenties and early thirties, when the challenges were truly gettin’ me down. I started by asking myself the questions mentioned above. I had been utterly miserable when I hit 30 and thought that was all there was to Life so I should end it. I touch on my nervous breakdown and suicide contemplation in an earlier post What is Happiness?

Over time and with deep digging, what I ultimately realized is that most of my unhappiness was due to adhering to outmoded ideas, beliefs and habits that served me not one iota, much of them served up up to me on a platter in childhood.

In my excavation I also began to understand that people do the best they can with what they know. I couldn’t continue to blame my parents, circumstances, other people or situations once I got that memo. I wouldn’t be able to Heal. Those folks were not the reason I was unhappy…I was the source and the common denominator for my unhappiness once I became an adult! I no longer needed to define myself or live Life dictated by my familial past.


YOU Decide What Your Story Is


OHHHHHHHH that’s a tough one to realize, that YOU are the source of your unhappiness and Happiness. You and no one else. And when I got that memo, I knew once I took full responsibility for my Happiness I was gonna ROCK that baby! Talk about FREEEEEEDOM!

I chose and will always choose to let go of being angry. Why? Because iT makes me feel better, and that better feeling morphs into feeling good. To me, that’s what it’s all about. FEELIN’ GOOD. That’s an important and integral ingredient of a Happy Life. My family history is just a listing in the Table of Contents in The Book of Being Jacquie. It is not WHO I AM nor what defines me…

I, define me. Not my mama, not my papa, not my step momma. I, ME, HER/HERS/SHE. 

I didn’t get that memo fully when I was in show biz, but by the time it wanted to make it self known, that I needed to heed the message, it was the beginning of the end for me in that career. For so long I had let agents, casting directors, musical directors, choreographers, producers and the industry in general tell me who I should be, how much I should weigh and what I should sing like.

In time I realized that shit was BALDERDASH. I had had enough but didn’t really know that at the time, I was just unhappy. But that knowing was enough to prompt me to make changes and some different decisions…

And I did.


That’s What Becoming a Spiritual Archaeologist Can Do


It can make you begin to question and/or change careers or quit your job as you begin to feel the need to express more of the You That You’re Becoming. 

Being unhappy is a clear and actually great indicator that some serious digging is in order. And you may not find or see the answers when you begin, but if you can get quiet and trust you will receive answers, you will most definitely receive them if you keep your mind and heart open.

And don’t ask a bunch of people what they think you should do if you’re at a crossroads. Only talk to the people that got yo’ back and truly understand you because, in essence,

how can anybody really tell you what’s inside of you or what to do but YOU based on your Inner Guidance?

Becoming a Spiritual Archaeologist in dealing with challenges is part of Your Evolution.

And it is a Lifetime Contract.

Be patient, you’ve got your whole Life to Evolve and Grow.


Holla back, I welcome your comments and thoughts.





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