Wisdom Gems: TRUST. YOUR. SELF


I was listening to an interview where a prominent celebrity talked about how for so long she didn’t Trust herself, and it got me to thinkin’ and comin’ to some thoughts. Ponder this: You, are the only one you will spend your entire Life with. From the cradle to the grave, it’s You and only You. The many folks you meet along the way share your journey, but they just share it—parents, children, friends, loved ones, lovers, they are the characters you meet in this game called LIFE, but they are not YOU—only YOU have that unique title of being who YOU ARE, and of course that goes for each and every one of us.

So. Since You are the only person on Your Unique Personal Journey, how is it that You are the one you tend to trust the least? You second-guess, doubt, beat up, issue scathing and unkind remarks to yourself, ignore Your Intuition, hate your body Every. Single. Day. Of the countless people you have met to date, you rate yourself so poorly—why aren’t we our own best friends? Why do we look to others to validate ourselves? Why do we doubthate doubthate doubthate ourselves so much?? Oh my dear Beautiful People, learn to Trust Yourselves. Learn that Trust is an integral part of Self-Esteem, of Self-Love, of Self-Care. Of Becoming Your Authentic Self. Know, that when You Trust Yourselves fully then Life begins to show you something different because YOU are different. Your Energy shifts, Your Light shines BRIGHTER because Your Frequency is Higher. Learn to Trust YOU.

For every negative thought you tell yourself that you catch, say to yourself on the in-breath “I am a most precious, unique & valuable jewel” on the exhale “I trust myself completely.”

And you may really feel stooooopid. That’s ok. Do it anyway. You are programmed in one way, it will take a minute to redevelop the program. Stay with it. You are worth it.



Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness Logo

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