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I was listening to an interview where a prominent celebrity talked about how for so long she didn’t Trust herself, and it got me to thinking hmm. Ponder this: you, are the only one you will spend your entire Life with. From the cradle to the grave, it’s you and only you walkin’ your Walk. The many folks you meet along the way share your journey, but they just share it—parents, children, friends, loved ones, lovers, they are the characters you meet in this game called LIFE but they are not YOU—only YOU have that unique title of being WHO YOU ARE, and of course that goes for each and every one of us. 

So why don’t we Trust ourselves? Huh?


Where It All Began…


Since YOU are the ONLY person on the YUPJ, (Your Unique Personal Journey) how is it that YOU are the one you tend to Trust the least? You second-guess, doubt, beat up on yourself, issue scathing and unkind remarks to yourself, ignore Your Intuition, hate your body, maybe even the sound of your own voice.  Of the countless people you have met to date, you rate yourself so poorly—why aren’t we our own best friends? Why do we look to others to validate ourselves? Why do we doubthate doubthate doubthate ourselves soooooo much??

Oh sure, most of us can attribute our self-loathing to the messaging we may have gotten as children. We were learning from people who did not Trust themselves and they learned from people who didn’t Trust themselves either so it stands to reason it is a part of the Human Heritage. Afterall, you can’t teach whatcha don’t know. Add to that the messages we are bombarded with in the media both social and in the news that incessantly broadcasts that we would be MUUUUUCCCCCHHH better off if we get that butt lift or those eyebrows or have a 10-pack stomach from a killin’ workout regimen or be more beautiful with lighter or white skin!

(I wonder how many in the privacy of their own thoughts Intuitively know that half that crap ain’t  for them but pursue it anyway ’cause everybody else is doing it…so they override their Intuition and choose not to Trust themselves in following their gut) hmmm…

And as we add more years to our age that’s another kinda trip we go on and geez Louise if I see another prescription ad telling us why we should have XYZ drug for any number of ailments I’ma scream!  (oh yes and then there’s the long list of side effects while we view people smiling as they go about enjoyable activities) 

(Guess I’ma scream then cause they’ll be a ton of those ads on the next time I turn on the TV)


Dis-Trust Is An Element That Aids Depression


When we dim our Light in not following what our Intuition tells us because of holding onto fear, it saps our Life Force or rather our access to it. Think about a sad moment due to making a decision that your Inner Self did not suggest but your mind advocated–how did that work out for ya? Did you end up feeling great and rejuvenated? Or did it bring your Spirit and Energy down? When I think of the times I sat in deep depression, a great part of that was due to me not Trusting my Inner Guidance, of thinking that what others said or held as important was greater than my Internal Guidance.

I had a set list of ‘This Is How Things Should Go’ and couldn’t/wouldn’t see that my path(s) had nothing to do with what I THOUGHT it should be, that I needed to be more Trusting of my own process and Allow, and until I Allowed myself to see differently, in a state of depression I stayed. As I began to step out and Trust, I began to feel better and better about my Journey and decisions. Part of Trusting is forgiving what you may have viewed as mistakes and having FAITH that you will do better as you know better.


You Are Really Very POWERFUL!


Having said that, how do you want to continue to use Your Power? To keep yourself down or to soar and enjoy your Life? My dear Beautiful People, learn to Trust Yourselves. Learn that Trust is an integral part of Self-Esteem, of Self-Love, of Self-Care. In Becoming Your Authentic Self. Know, that when You Trust Yourselves fully Life begins to show you something different because YOU are different. Your Energy shifts, Your Light shines BRIGHTER because Your Frequency is Higher. Learn to Trust YOU.

How do you do that? One step at a time. Look for things that are working in your Life and give yourself some credit for recognizing them! Step out on Faith more. Listen and TRUST your gut, it will never steer you wrong. Even when it seems like it doesn’t make sense to your mind.

Be kinder and more patient with yourself. For every negative thought you tell yourself that you catch, say things like, “I Am a most Precious, Unique & Valuable Jewel”  and “I Trust myself completely.” Or anything along those lines.

And you may really feel stooooopid in the beginning. That’s ok. Do it anyway. That’s just your mind belly-aching against a new way of thinking, it’s so used to the norm as it’s predictable and seemingly safe (even though you may be unhappy).

You are programmed in one way, it will take a minute or 100 to redevelop the mental program. Stay with it. 


Remember that Your Intuition is Divine Guidance speaking…so learn to TRUST more and see what happens!




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