Kick Your Week Off on the Good Foot with Mindfulness Monday


Take DEEP, Conscious Breaths Today…” It’s Mindfulness Monday!!! Breathing deeply is a major key in stress relief. Great to tamp down anxiety too.

It’s Monday, the start of the work week & many of us start the day with ‘ughhhhh it’s Mondayyyyy.’ Yesssss, it’s Monday, so take deep Conscious Breaths throughout this Gift of a Day & make the most of it!

Of course, you can choose to go through the day in drudgery but that only adds to Your discomfort & Your stress levels. How You Live Your day is of course is up to You but on the Mindfulness Journey it’s about Living Your Best Life! What better time to start but NOW?

If you’re into gemstones & crystals or are curious about them, one that can assist You in Your Will Power is Pyrite. A Mindfulness Practice takes a good deal of Will Power to stay, begin, or get back on track until it becomes a way of Life. You can use that stone as a reminder that it is time to BREATHE. Wearing, carrying and/or holding it can be a great benefit as I believe that stones bring out what is deep inside us.

Remember that like begets like–I don’t mean likes on social media, but like Energy begets like Energy. Want Positivity to Flow to You? Wey-all ya gotta Flow it on out! So get those Deep Conscious Breaths going!!

Happy Mindfulness Monday!

You can read more on Pyrite here

MINDFULNESS. It’s a Practice.

Excerpted from the eBook and audiobook series 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness–Keys 4 Stress Relief & Personal Growth Week 2

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