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Roll With Peace, In Mind Podcast
by Jacquie Bird

Breathing Deep-A MindBodySoul Medicine Episode1

Jacquie Bird

My Maiden Voyage has BEGUN! Welcome to the first episode of Roll With Peace, In Mind!

There are two major segments in the Roll With Peace, In Mind podcasts: one I call “The Talk,” the other a guided meditation segment. In this episode I riff on the importance of making time in the day to take deep conscious breaths to reboot and to refresh our Energies, which serve to align our MindBodySoul, deep breathing is like a magic medicine! I take you through steps to learn Ujjaiyi breathing from the Hatha Yoga system of breathing exercises known as Pranayama. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word, prana translates as ‘Life Force’ and ayama as extending or stretching. Ujjayi (yoo-jai-ee) breathing is my absolute favorite way of getting a lot of air into the body and was first introduced to me as a singer but was called ‘intercostal breathing’ and it helped my breath control immensely. In Hatha Yoga, particularly in a form called Ashtanga Yoga, it is used hand in hand with asanas or poses, but when I’m becoming stressed or anxious, I have found that Ujjayi breathing gets me right back in The Flow. I hope that it will help you too.

in the second segment I take you through a brief sample of my StressBusters Guided Meditation (of which I am the creator and practitioner) to help you chill out and release some of the stress and anxiety you’ve been rollin’ with.

The music for “The Talk” is called Nyamaropa Chipembere which is a song of Shona Music, the traditional music of Zimbabwe, Africa which I play on a magical instrument called dzavadzimu mbira, a particular type of mbira. This instrument is the inspiration for the creation of the Western instrument kalimba. The mbira is centuries old and translates as “Voice of The Ancestors” and is often erroneously referred to as a ‘thumb piano’ but if you saw the look that the great mbira master Chartwell Dutiro would give you if you said that, you’d never make that mistake again…and I quote: “it is NOT, a thumb piano…” (add proper accent along with dripping sarcasm and disdain here). (Note, I play the song rather slowly, generally speaking, the Zimbabweans FLY on this instrument lol!)

The sound healing music you hear for my StressBusters Guided Meditation is of my creation and all tracks in this episode are available separately for purchase at www.jacquiebirdspiritualwellness.com/podcast-music for direct and easy access for listening.

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