Appreciation is A Wisdom Gem


Appreciation is defined as:

1) recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something, 2) a full understanding of a situation, and 3) to increase the value of.

The act of Appreciating is a must do if one is serious about their Quality of Life—the Quality of Life is not just measured by how many creature comforts you have or how many goals you’ve mastered, it’s not just about achievements and acquisitions but feeling good within and out. Appreciation lifts Your Energy and Vibe and when you actively look for things to Appreciate, You increase the Value and Substance of Your Thoughts and Your feelings follow suit. The act of Being in The State of Appreciation helps reduce stress and anxiety because it reduces the endless mind chatter of our daily thought processes, which makes way for more Clarity, more Peace and Fulfilment and more JOY. And when you look for things and/or people to Appreciate, it is one powerful way of actually directing Your Thoughts as opposed to them just happening by rote with no Awareness or direction of what you’re feeding Yourself thought-wise.

Esther Hicks with the insight of the Energy Source known as Abraham-Hicks says, “Love and Appreciation are identical vibrations, it’s the vibration of alignment with who you are (Spirit), it’s the absence of resistance, it’s the absence of fear and doubt, it’s the absence of self-denial or hatred to others, it is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good.” I mean think about it, the more time you spend in Appreciation, the less time and energy is wasted on the things that do not serve you. Worry and doubt do not serve You.

So spend time visiting the State of Appreciation book a hotel room, heck buy some property!—every day, pick out things You Appreciate like telling a small business owner how much You Appreciate their products and services; look up into the sky in Appreciation; Appreciate the body You dwell in for it is the vehicle in which You Express and Operate on this Earth; Appreciate The Earth in Thought, Feeling and Deed, be Mindful of the places You spend your money, support businesses and corporations that exhibit good practices to The Earth and to our fellow Humans; Appreciate Life Your Gifts and Mind; Appreciate the people You Love and let them know it; Appreciate a child’s smile and laughter for they remind You of the Joy that is a part of You if you allow it—know, that for each thing and/or person you find to Appreciate, You have chosen Positive Pro-Active Thoughts that make your air space hum with Juicy Vibes. And that can be contagious in an uplifting way.

What is it to Be Happy, to have a Happy Life? We have struggled with that for eons! My answer? To populate Your day with as many Happy Moments as possible, to have them outweigh the negative ones. The State of Appreciation is Your Rocket Ship to uplifting Your Vibe. To quote Esther Hicks/Abraham Hicks again, “A State of Appreciation is a State of Godliness.”

“I Appreciate The Gift of Living. I Sit in the Seat of Appreciation and I smile.”


Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness Logo

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