Tap Into The Depths Of Your Soul in Mindfulness


Boy is it SO easy to fall into the wallow pit when things aren’t going our way. It’s easy to drown in the well of discontentment, self-loathing and pity.

But doing this isn’t the answer…well it ain’t the answer that will bring the type of results we want.

Sometimes we feel we just gotta keep on punishing ourselves, making ourselves feel worse and worse still. And then it becomes a cycle, one that seems to be unbreakable. ‘I can’t help it,’ we say, ‘I can’t shut my mind off.

But whose mind is it? If you can’t shut it off, who can?

Oh yes, the more non-useful thoughts we think, the non-useful thoughts we will continue to think. The more torturous things get. And the exact opposite is also true, the more useful thoughts you think, the more useful thoughts occur to you!

Tap into the depths of your Soul in Mindfulness, look for what IS working in Your Life. Are we in troubled times? Yes we are but you must shift your focus from what isn’t working to what actually is working, for the more you sink into the depths of despair, the longer you swim there & what you are actually doing isn’t helping to Solve anything. Besides, what you are actually succeeding in doing is lowering your Immune System…seek The Light, it is there…people are coming up with very Creative ways to ride this wave…that is something so very Positive.

One of the many Lessons in front of us is considering that adversity can serve as a tool, as a Wake-up Call, a Call To Action, to look at ourselves individually & make changes, learn new things, new skills, connect to ourselves & to each other under the circumstances–turn it into Positives despite the upheaval, sickness & deaths. Fear is like having gas, it keeps permeating, it keeps bubbling up until you take an antacid & have a successful go in the bathroom.

Getting Grounded, Rooted & Balanced is the antacid to Fear. Getting Centered is the antacid to Fear. EXERCISING YOUR FAITH is the antacid to Fear. Will you have moments of Fear? Sure.

But don’t stay in those moments like a character actor.

Stop giving things Your Energy. that do not serve you, that does not bring you Joy. Become Pro-Active. Set You Intention to Connect to a Higher Frequency, a Higher Vibe. And then DO IT.

That is how You Become The Change You Wish to See.

Take deep breaths when the Fear starts to rise. Learn to Meditate. Yes, NOW. The only time there ever is is NOW.


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