Gratitude is The Right Attitude


Gratitude is The Right Attitude


My goodness, I had to remind myself to get a grip and remember that Gratitude is The Right Attitude! PHEW! So preoccupied on the results I wanted to see, that I’d forgotten to take note and be Grateful for the seemingly small things that had already occurred in my favor. 

We can really get lost in the desire for results or in the waiting for results to manifest. And in doing so, we miss the ‘small’ events, not realizing that those are the very stepping stones to the main event!

The definition of Gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Harvard Health Publishing tells us that giving thanks actually helps us to feel happier: “In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

I must say that when I keep Gratitude in the front of my mind that it does wonders for my mood! But when we allow our mental chatter to just gab on without checking in, we may find ourselves saying…




Wearing the hats of screenwriter, star, director, and producer! Being locked in this cycle can make it challenging to see the true positives in our lives. Outside of milestones like getting that degree, falling in love, starting a family, winning a hard-earned promotion, and other major events that we use to measure our happiness levels, we generally rush past the little stuff that happens all the time. Add to that, the constant deluge of negativity that gushes out from our screens, contributing to the mental vise that squeezes one into a stress-machine, bereft of Joy.

When we stay in that cycle, we are soooooooo stressed and ANXIOUS. And grouchy. And frustrated. Not to mention swimming in the undercurrent of jusssst not quite happy.  And since most people around us are unhappy, we feel that happiness is not a thing of reality and therefore unobtainable. 




A great way to change the narrative is in cultivating a Mindfulness Practice in which Gratitude is an integral piece of the foundation. A Mindfulness Practice really puts us in The Present Moment, with the knowledge that we are co-creators in our existence. This enables us to make more conscious decisions and choices. The practice of Gratitude can serve to lighten our mental load and when that happens, it changes the mind/body/soul connection in a HUGE way.

Why? Because you can’t be Grateful and negative at the same time. You can’t be Grateful and unhappy at the same time. You can’t be Grateful and pissed off at the same time. Ya just can’t do it. They reside on two totally different Frequencies. Thoughts and feelings of unhappiness, anger, frustration, worry and fear are low low low vibrating energies. Gratitude resides in the Love Realm, vibrating soooooo Light and HIGH.

Wanna change your mood, Perspective and outlook? Being Grateful more often will shift your mood, perspective and energy in a HEARTBEAT, as thoughts and feelings move the Emotional Geiger Counter more toward center.

Know or come into contact with someone who is always happy? So happy to the point you secretly want to slug them? If so, why does their Joy aggravate you? If you don’t know anyone who’s generally happy, you can be the first person you know!

And if you do know someone who effuses exuberance consistently, really listen to what they have to say, for you may discover that they tend to look to the brighter side of things, and are really Appreciative of what comes their way, big or small.

Our thoughts trigger hormones that can either support or hinder our well-being, so entertaining regular thoughts of Gratitude is like giving yourself loving hugs. The endorphins that Grateful Thoughts send us are like “feel good” boosts.




One great way is keeping what I call a ‘Gratlog,’ short for Gratitude Log or Gratitude Journal. A regular Gratlog shows you how many things are truly working in your favor–it makes you look for things that may regularly go unnoticed. It teaches you not to take things for granted and to Appreciate more. 

How awesome to be able to think and reason, to receive and feel Love, and for the incredible miracle that is our bodies. By all means, note the big-ticket items like goals that are achieved. But the Gratitude sweet spots are in the recognition of the small stuff, like getting to a destination on time despite the roadblocks that came up, or having a ‘chance’ occurrence take place that gives you a necessary link to a goal.

Oh man, and how cool is it to be the recipient of a child’s smile that is smiled just for you whether you know them or not! These seemingly arbitrary happenings are worthy of your Appreciation and Awareness. I saw a video on social media where this toddler was going around hugging people at an outdoor event. Everyone was like ‘ohhhhh what a cutie’ but I wonder how many realized that the child was choosing to hug them, for she did not hug everyone around her. That baby gave little pearls of love to everyone she hugged and to everyone who sees that video because we get a glimpse into pure Love and Beauty.


1- As I said earlier, begin a Gratlog (Gratitude Journal)

2- In your day, see if you can catch yourself complaining to someone and when you do, STOP. Find and state one thing you are Grateful for. Then weave that thought into a new conversation 

3- When you catch yourself complaining to yourself, think of one thing you are truly Grateful for and spend a few moments letting it sink in, truly feeling Appreciation for it

4- Upon waking and before jumping out of bed, take a moment and think of something you are Grateful for, then feel it

5- Don’t get aggravated about not being able to sleep if you struggle with insomnia. Shift your focus toward taking slow and deep breaths. Then think of what you are Grateful for and place your attention on how those things made you feel. Continue your deep breathing, slow the in-breath followed by an even slower out-breath

6- When something doesn’t go your way, instead of griping about it immediately shift your focus to something that did go your way and how you are Grateful for it

7- Even though writing in a Gratlog is a POWERFUL transformer, keeping a daily Gratitude Verbal Log (GVL) on your phone is da bomb diggedy!! Play it for yourself in the course of the day, particularly when you are draggin’ in ya mood

8- Listen and view Inspirational, Uplifting content. Feel Grateful that you can do so

9- When something does go your way, acknowledge it deeply taking time to give thanks

10- Seek out and engage in more things that are Joyful so you have even more things to be Grateful for–it may mean moving out of your comfort zone to accomplish this




As you receive Inspiration from your Gratitude Practice, you will see and feel shifts in your energy and mood. You will inspire others. A new year will come and go with Gratitude for all that has transpired and for all that will occur, as everything that happens comes in the guise of a great teacher.

And as you open yourself to being more Grateful, more horizons will open up to you in time. And know that you may have moments and/or stretches of forgetting to be Grateful, but if and when you do catch yourself down in the ungrateful dumps, don’t beat up on you, just pivot to that space of Gratitude. A Mindfulness Practice always puts us back on track.

BE the Peace You wish to see.

For more ideas, tips and How-To’s to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression and to increase Mindfulness, there are an array of  products and services as well as events to check out on my site.

Gratitude helps us to become even greater Life Students and Teachers, for Gratitude is the right Attitude now and always.



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