The Present Moment, Is NOW


Are we actually ever Consciously and Purposefully Present at any given part of our day, or largely preoccupied with the doodle-lings of our chattering minds?

Methinks this calls for a Mindfulness Practice!

Everything happens in the Present moment, but we are usually absent from it…

Everything is in The Present Moment and our job is to become one with that moment.

Everything. All of your recollections of the past, all of your dreams and hopes for the future occur in The Present Moment. When you are recalling something that is tragic or painful, it feels as if it is happening to you as you think of it or tell the story of it. That is the Power of The Present Moment.

In ALL of your dreams for the future, know you are Creating them Now in The Present Moment and dig this—the airplane, that we all take as a given, started as a thought in someone’s mind to become a Manifestation. The vision of a ‘flying machine’ was The Thought that was had in that Present Moment.

All of Your Power is in NOW.

How do you become one with The Present Moment? By being AWAKE and present in everything that you do. You can practice being present as you are washing dishes—f eel the water on your hands, feel the weight, size and shape of the plate in your hands, hear the sounds. As you have your focus engaged in the action of washing the place, this keeps you from spinning the same type of discordant thoughts in your mind like things that you don’t like or itemizing what you have to do without paying any attention of what you are doing in the given moments. When you are actually present and one with the moments that are happening like when you walk down the street—b e aware of the sights and the sounds, feel the ground underneath your feet. You cannot do that while staring at your cell phone, because when you are walking holding your cell phone you are engaged in what’s on that screen and you miss the people that are around you, sometimes barely missing them because you almost walk into them!

 Practice Becoming Present, Becoming ONE in The Present Moment.


Like when you were a child in school and roll call was being made, you said, “HERE!” or “PRESENT” and that meant that you were paying attention (of course there was always one kid who when it was their turn all you heard was silence ‘cause they were off to La La Land 😊).

It is the same now, visit The Present Moment more often so you can feel more moments of Your Presence and Connection to Life so it doesn’t just race by without Your Conscious participation.


Breathe in deep, breathe out deeper and slower. The Conscious action of BREATHING always Connects You to The Present Moment.

The Present Moment is both empty and with undiluted potential for ALL of your DREAMS, INTENTIONS and MANIFESTATIONS lie, in The Present Moment


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