Trust Your Self (Don’t Listen To The Naysayers)


Learning to Trust Your Self and not listen to naysayers can take a long time to get good at. Sometimes we have to go through a lot of fires before we get better at Trusting our Intuition, Trusting our Gut. So much of what’s deemed valid is from a mental standpoint, devaluing Hunches, Feelings and Internal Insight. If it’s not backed by something considered tangible confirmed by our minds and the five senses, it gets dismissed as non-consequential. Unimportant.

That’s bad enough, but we also live in a world where everyone is an “expert,” where everyone else’s opinion is more important than what our Intuition tells us. “HOW DO YOU KNOW?” you may be asked. Sometimes you feel silly because you have no “proof” to back up those quiet feelings, those internal roadmaps, those pointers of The Way.

Having a Vision of what you may want and then sharing it could be met with resistance–‘oh you can’t do that!’ or ‘it’s not possible!’ When someone tells you that, DON’T LISTEN.


You Have The Insider Information Within YOU


Remember that. There is no one else on this Earth like you. You are an original. Period. So how can anyone possibly know what is inside you better than you? So many of us give away our Power, deferring to others as far as to what we should do about a particular thing, always looking outside of ourselves for validation. 

Listening to so many opinions will drive you cray cray! And it keeps you from Getting to Know Yourself Deeper because you are depending upon the opinions of others to tell you what to do. And that includes family and friends (who are often the worst offenders) all the way to the opinions of social media and BAM! No wonder so many of us are so confused.

Look at the stories of folks who have ‘made’ it. How many of them have had obstacles to overcome? All of them. Even children of famous people, they still have things to overcome even when it doesn’t look like it. And on the other hand, look at the stories where celebrities say they knew as a child that they would be where they are now. 

Our Insider Information is FI-YAH! Give it more of a chance, more of the time. That takes Courage…until you don’t need it anymore and it is just a natural part of your mindset, to do your thang regardless of the naysayers!


Naysayers Have Not Done What it is You Want to Do…


because if they had done it or something on that level, they wouldn’t be telling you that you can’t do that thing you want to Manifest. Naysayers sit on the sidelines judging and criticizing, miserable in their own lives and situations, often not wanting YOU to Succeed. Cheerleaders cheer you on, naysayers try to break you down–they want you to be as miserable as they are, and to stay on the same Vibrational Level. You know that saying right? Misery loves company.

Trust Your Intuition. THAT is Your Divine Guidance Speaking for only You to Hear.


Holla back, I welcome your mindful comments and thoughts.

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