A Practicing GRATITUDE Challenge


In this Mindfulness Evolution Exercise it’s all about Practicing GRATITUDE. Wanna instantly shift a bad mood to one of Feeling Good? Practice Gratitude on da regulah. If you notice, I talk about Gratitude a lot on my blog and in my podcast episodes. I never really realized how important and what a game-changer being Mindful of Practicing Gratitude was until I started doing it!

Wanna turn a complaining mind to having a mind with more Joyful Thoughts? Practice GRATITUDE. Wanna pick up sagging Energy and gain instant fuel? Practice GRATITUDE (now of course if you haven’t eaten or are feeling ill that’s another story). Other than that, give it a try!

Need a jolt of Inspiration and Motivation? PRACTICE GRATITUDE.

Talk about changing your outlook, folks won’t recognize you, heck YOU won’t recognize you because you’ll be singing a different tune, not doom and gloom! But seriously though, it does put some pep in yo’ step. 

When we Practice Gratitude, the cup is 1/2 full to full, we see rainbows where others see clouds. It takes you back to bein’ a kid, they are just happy to BE. Now does this mean you’ll be problem-free? Of course not. Challenges are a part of Growth and Experience. Does this mean you’ll have better days than not? I would say yes because having a Gratitude Practice shifts your view–you know that crap in this world is effed up but you don’t dwell on it. You know that things that go on are out of your control and you do recognize the only thing/person/situation you can control is YOU.


OK Bird, I’m Sold. Now What I Gotta Do?


This is a very short challenge in terms of what you need to do, but for it to become effective and a part of your Life, the frequent Practice of it is what make it do what it do! Each day name five things you are Grateful for. That’s it. Of course if you repeat it more than once in your day that’s even mo’ bettah! View the video below for further suggestions. Remember, like learning to walk, it is a Practice, the more you do it, the better and more automatic it becomes.

And as it becomes more a part of the fabric of your mind, a habit you want to keep, you will feel and see the differences around you. You will be more open to seeing and receiving opportunities. When you find yourself slipping and/or forgetting, complaining out loud or to yourself about all you’ve got to get done or how you never have enough time, or woe is me my Life sucks stop and ask, ‘what is working in my Life?’ If the best you can come with is that you got out of bed, you’re alive and/or that you’re breathing then say it with feeling, not begrudgingly.

Say it like you are truly Grateful that you got out of bed, that you ARE alive, that you ARE breathing because with that, there are always new moments and opportunities to make changes in your Life that are more conducive to what it is that do you want…




So now you’ve got a tool you can use to make change in your Life. Let me know how it goes and enjoy!!

Holla back, I welcome your comments and thoughts…



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