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Seeking and Gaining Clarity can be a most confounding thang. How many times have you yelled in your mind (and out loud), “I’M SOOOOOO CONFUSED, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOO I NEED SOME CLARITY! GIMMEE A SIGN SHOW ME A SIGNNNNNN!” “PLEASE!”

(it’s like we think things will come faster if we yell and scream)

The harder we seek, the more elusive Clarity gets, creating the equation: Brain Fog = Confusion + Frustration + lapse of Positive Energy. And to further compound things we get: More Brain Fog which = Even More Brain Fog + Depression + Anxiety which = a Mental Shit Show…

Then we tell all our friends which only compounds the equation further: A Mental Shit Show + Listening to the Opinions of Others = Discontent. And OMG if our friends are in the same boat we get: A Pity-Party with Discontented Individuals + the Mental Shit Show = NO SOLUTIONS. 

And feeling even shittier.


Seeking Solutions Outside


That’s because when we do that, we are seeking Clarity in all the wrong places. Sure, you may temporarily feel better because you were able to unpack and rant to folks that get you ’cause they’re in the same boat, but Folks in the Same Boat Ranting – Solutions = No Clarity.

Whenever we are seeking in a noisy fashion (lots of mental noise/mental chatter), we tend to miss stuff. 

I remember when I was in my ‘seeking’ phase (woo LAWD glad that’s over!) and I was quite frustrated and pretty depressed. I had a friend who was going through the similar career frustrations and we would get on the phone and vent. We’d even crack jokes about it and said we should come up with a production company that we gave a pretty damn clever name to (of which I no longer recall).

Now if we had actually followed through with that idea who knows what we could’ve created! Instead, we just kvetched. But that’s ok, we all end up where we need to be even though it doesn’t always feel that way. Even pain, frustration, anger and fear are a part of our Journey.

And in this Journey I’ve learned (but sometimes need reminding!) that answers always elude us as long as we focus primarily on the problems and not the solutions. I learned that when we seek answers from outside of ourselves we miss the answers because our mental and verbal chatter is so doggone loud. It drowns out hearing our Inner Guidance.

Does that mean that during a Pity-Party someone can’t through out some good ideas? Sure they can, but sometimes you can’t really Appreciate how much of a good idea it may be while belly-bitchin’ in your head or verbally.


Ok Well Yeah Bird, How DO We Gain Clarity?


Short answer is to get Quiet and get STILL. 

Which I realize is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for so many of us. We can tend to be so fidgety and have a hard time focusing. And/or we’re so doggone busy all the time that we don’t have time to be still. But sorry to tell ya, Stillness and Gaining Clarity go hand in hand.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to sit in a pretzel or you can’t get a download of Clarity while walking down the street but you can’t recognize it while your mind is busy complaining about the weather or doing the big count-off on your to-do list or looking at your phone. Clarity slips in when there’s an opening, when there’s a cessation of mental chatter.

So how do you see and hear Clarity? By carving out moments of Mental Stillness. And you have to STOP focusing on the problems because, NEWSFLASH: you already know what they are. Your focus on those details are blinding and deafening you to possible Solutions.


The Chatty Kathy Mind is the Antithesis to Gaining Clarity


So. I’ve told you that spinning the same problems over and over gets you nowhere except to feeling even worse than you already do. And  I’ve told you that you’ve got to carve out time to be Mentally Still which I acknowledge can feel pretty impossible.

But it isn’t. You have to begin telling yourself a different story. I once had a brief (and I mean brief) convo with a gal who told me she wasn’t going to come into my free Vision Board and Guided Meditation workshop at the Newark Museum because she would never be able to get her mind quiet.

Then she went on to tell me that when she takes Yoga her mind is all over the place and that’s just how it is. Period. No quiet mind for her.

That was the end of the convo ’cause I’m thinkin’ ‘if that’s the way you feel, then so be it. Continue on with the Chatty Kathy Mind, ’cause it will never change until or unless you decide to change it.’

I have learned that some people are really at Peace in their misery. They have made an Identity out of it and it’s crazy to try to convince them otherwise. Let them have it, for misery is a form of comfort for them.


Attuning to the Clarity Frequency


Realize this: it’s your mind. Don’t let it be the boss of YOU. Believe it or not, you decide what rolls around in there. You have the Power to eject the thoughts and behaviors that do not serve you to the ends you wish to be and go. But you have to apply yourself, fully apply. Seeking Clarity will be the results until you take steps to GAIN it, to RECEIVE it. 

And if you really want to be able to tune in more often to the Clarity Frequency and stop seeking, you have to be able to slow your mental roll sometimes. When you do that you can reach a Meditative State and it’s not necessary to sit for hours upon end to do this.

Notice how when you’re out in Nature and are really Present and attuned to the sights, smells and wonders around you how that chills you out and refreshes you? Not only are you becoming One with your surroundings, but you are also in a Meditative State because you’ve become Present. Your breathing slows, the Mental Chatter ceases for stretches of time (hopefully) and you are an active participant in the Experience.

When in a Meditative State we’re no longer Seeking Clarity but have begun to be a Receptacle for it! We must be open to receive and not chase. Becoming more Present in our Lives more often is a Frequency Game Changer and in doing so we level up!


Five Things to Keep in Mind…


1. Seeking Clarity vs. Gaining Clarity: it’s not a combat sport, you’ve got to chilldown

2. Bring Yourself into Presence More Often: Being out in Nature and Guided Meditation are very helpful ways to begin to flex that Mental Quiet Muscle

3. Seek and Ye Won’t Find: Clarity is not something to look for under the bed or on the kitchen counter with your keys (or wherever you forget you left them). You must be a Receptacle so that Clarity can pour into you.

4. Breathe Baby, Breathe: There are soooooo many reasons and ways taking deep Conscious breaths is one of the best gifts to give yourself!

5. Relax and TRUST that the Answers Are There: Doesn’t mean we will always like them but that’s not the point. The point is to move through and past the troubling circumstances and the only way to do that is to do it. Sometimes what is presented is not to our liking but Clarity can see way further down the line than you can in that moment…


And Furthermore…


The problem(s) and The Solution(s) are Present at the same time but it doesn’t appear that way because of where we focus our Attention–on the problem, thus being blind to the Solutions floating in the ether…

Energy is a layered-faceted entity–it is Vibratory and exists in Frequencies, like the waves on a radio. When we change channels on a radio, some come in clearly, others have static and when out of range of a station, all you get is static until you change the channel for a clearer  connection…

Staring at our problems is the same thing as we are out of range of the Solution Frequencies. When you sit in focus of the problem(s), all you get is static, which further compounds the stress, anxiety, fear & depression. It also compounds the current problem because all we can see is no way out…

Sitting still, taking deep breaths & allowing the mental chatter to subside Allows a clearer channel in which to hear and receive CLARITY and ultimately, SOLUTIONS…

Remember that everything is for our Highest Good even when it doesn’t feel that way.

May you become an open Receptacle to Receiving the Clarity in which You Seek 🌹


Holla back, I welcome your comments and thoughts…




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