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Roll With Peace, In Mind Podcast
by Jacquie Bird

Wisdom Gems: The Present Moment is NOW

Jacquie Bird

“…all of your dreams for the future, know you are Creating them Now ….”

Are we actually ever Consciously and Purposefully Present at any given part of our day, or largely preoccupied with the doodle-lings of our chattering minds? Methinks this calls for a Mindfulness Practice!

Welcome to episode 17 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Here, I offer Wisdom Gems, short blasts between the major episodes to give you an Inspirational and Motivational boost with thoughts, mantras and/or affirmations to uplift your day, to Balance, Calm and Ground You.

Today’s riff is, The Present Moment is NOW. Boyyyyyyy do our minds wander, we tend to believe we cannot control what we think…uh yeah, we can. In Being PRESENT. Mannnnnn, that’s a TOUGH one, but we CAN achieve more Presence by Being…BE SURE to tune into this short episode.


And lastly, who am I? I am Jacquie Bird of Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness. I have lived as a performing artist, Creative, and teacher since the age of 18. Bumps in the road? Um yeah…a LOT! They hurt? Uh huh, made a grown girl cry. But everything is a step in The Journey, to be Experienced and to be Learned from. Today I navigate with much more Grace, Wisdom, Joy, Intention, Mindfulness, Humor and GRATITUDE.

In these podcast episodes, I share what I have learned and am still learning, with YOU.

For me, Spiritual Wellness is of the utmost importance–I am the author of the eBook series www.jacquiebirdspiritualwellness.com

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