Negative Self-Talk



­­­­­Negative Self-Talk is not your BFF. How many ways do you talk about yourself in such a bad way? Definitely NOT a stress reliever!


How many ways do you dog yourself in a day? Really. Think about it.

You wouldn’t want anybody to talk about you like that but you do you do, you talk about yourself really bad. ‘I’m so stupid I can’t do that I’m not good enough I wish I was like ____ I don’t have that but so and so has it but I want it but I can’t get it I can’t do it I won’t ever get it…’

How many ways do you dog yourself in a day???!!!

All of that talk is like punching yourself in the face Over and Over and Over again! ‘Pow bip bam boom!‘ to yourself. It puts you down constantly–you put yourself down. And seriously, you don’t appreciate it when someone does that to you at. ALL. So why do it to yourself? We often treat people better than we treat ourselves but remember, we actually teach people how to treat us. Low self-esteem is a low frequency energy.


How to Break The Pattern of Negative Self-Talk and Become Your Own BFF


Self-Care has become a buzz word phrase of late. But how often are we really applying it? Be honest. On a scale of 0-10, how well are you actually paying attention to your Inner Monologue? (I say Inner Monologue but in many cases it’s a dialogue ’cause you answer yourself back!) Are you even aware that you beat the shee-ot outta yaself on a regulah? ­­­­­Negative Self-Talk is so incredibly detrimental to our well-being, our mental health and confidence. It is lying to self.

While Negative Self-Talk is rampant, we are often soooooo totally unaware that we do it. It’s much easier to see it in others but if you realize that you spend a lot of your time feeling bad, look at your inner messaging. Your inner brand. What are you selling yourself?

And if you have some sort of clue, how can you stop doing that? A mindfulness practice makes you more aware of what your thoughts are, what you’re thinking,  and how to make better ‘thought choices.’ You recognize the Negative Self-Talk more often and learn to pivot away from that line of thinking. To get to the bottom of things you have to listen closer and become more Present and Aware.


It Does Get Better 


Little by little you will begin to notice patterns and you will see the things that work for you and the ones that don’t. As you recognize the thoughts that make you feel small, you can begin to change them. And in that process you won’t dog yourself as much as you have been doing because eventually you’ll see there’s no need. You’ll recognize that you’ve been feeding yourself things that aren’t true. 

We’ve got enough obstacles in life and don’t need to compound things with continual Negative Self-Talk. Most of what we say to ourselves comes in the voice of a critical adult when growing up and the days of peer pressure–which for many of us, those days continue! We must learn to become our best cheerleaders, that is how you build confidence, so what that you didn’t or don’t have the support, YOU be the one to give it to yourself! And as you begin to do that, watch what happens!

Whenever you talk bad about yourself you are in comparison mode–measuring yourself against another because of someone else’s opinion be it a family member, a best friend, Instagram, other social media, etc. Negative self-talk is a learned attribute therefore you can unlearn it –do you think when you were a baby you were saying oh your butt’s too big or I hate my eye color or I’m so stupid ‘cause I keep falling down when I’m trying to learn how to walk or that so and so learns faster than me????


Read, Listen to And Surround Yourself With More Uplifting Energy


Reading, listening to and connecting with more Uplifting Energy is so very empowering. The more you immerse yourself in being the Energy you want around you, the more you will draw it as you reflect it. Engaging in mindfulness workshops and taking guided meditation can help to shift your mindset. As you get more into the groove of mindfulness, the less you will engage in ­­­­­Negative Self-Talk and when you do, you’ll catch yourself faster. A Mindfulness Practice gives you tools like redirect and pivot to send your thoughts in the direction of what is more productive and peaceful for your Life. Having objects in your work and/or living space to remind you to be kind to self is a beautiful thang too.


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