Do We Make Things Harder Than They Need To Be?


I would say a resounding YES. It’s like, we’re addicted to drama.

When I was a young pup, I was ALWAYS entangled in some type o’ drama! OMG, it was endless! I was always cryin’ over some relationship or mishap, I was a HOT MESS. Drama was a part of my life from the time my mother died when I was nine clear through to my mid-thirties, there was always some crisis, be it family or my own toxic relationships. 

I wore depression like a hoodie, and if you’re hip to the Peanuts cartoon, I was like Pigpen–there was always a cloud of drama dust swirling around me! It was only when I got serious about uppin’ my Mindfulness game did things really change. Practicing Mindfulness can expand our Wisdom Vibes.


Yeah, Of Course Hindsight is 2020


When I look back on the younger me, I see sooooooo many things that had I made different choices, things wouldn’t have been so agonizingly hard. But then, those lessons are the Teachers in the Life Journey–if you pay attention. And while Wisdom doesn’t stop s*it from occurring from time to time, with Wisdom, you can limit the amount of angst you go through due to poor, fearful or impulsive judgment.

How do you get to a place of smoother waters? By paying more attention to your Thoughts, habits and becoming more In-tune with you. Becoming more PRESENT.

Is there a little voice or feeling in your gut telling you to leave that person? Is there a little voice saying not this, but that? Is there a quiet voice telling you go down this road but because everyone is saying something else do you ignore that voice?

We are masters of talking ourselves OUT of listening to that voice because of fears, worries and what we’d consider as a lack of evidence. But your LIFE is all the evidence you need! Look at the times that you followed that voice and you landed where you wanted and needed to be. Look at the times you did not and where did you end up?

Use your past history for clues, that’s the proof. Check-in and make sure you’re not making an identity out of Life Dramas.


Turn Your Attention and Will Power to More Ease


The message we are bombarded with is “hard work, hard work, HARD WORK!” Then have more ease when you retire. I think that’s ass backwards! Yes, one does need to focus and put attention and Will Power to the things we want to Manifest. But to only have ease in the latter part of your Life when some don’t make it there and/or some end up with various ailments in that last quarter is pretty bleak.

Or, to have ease only if you’re rich is another bleak vantage point at Life.

Gaining Wisdom is a valuable thang and can keep us from making things so hard. Remember to leave the drama for the stage and screen.

What can you do TODAY that will make some things easier in your Life? Keep in mind, the time is not the past or the future, the time is always NOW. Everything is in the Present Moment–recalling the past, planning or fearing the future all happens in The Present Moment.



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