Mindfulness Evolution Exercise #1


Introducing the first installment of my new series, The Mindfulness Evolution Exercises. Short bursts of Inspiration, Motivation and Guidance to help you along on your Mindfulness Journey. Diet and exercise, yes we need to do that fo’ sho’ but we also need to be mindful of our Mental Diets. So much of our un-ease & dis-ease can be linked to PERSPECTIVE–how we choose to view things. Being Aware of the predominant Thoughts we entertain and nourish in noting what we pay Attention to.

Yesssss, exercising, hydrating & watching what we eat are important, but are we looking at how much mental noise we allow our minds to manufacture on da regular? Our Mental Diets are soooooo utterly important to a better quality of Life. That which we feed our minds, hearts and souls everyday…and much of that is on auto-pilot–many of us feel/think we have no control over our thinking. Our minds, bodies and souls are just bombarded with…STUFF. Media stuff, social media stuff, job stuff, family stuff, friend stuff, school stuff, etc. along with our own mental stuff.

We cannot change or control another, only ourselves. And the more we check in with our Internal Thoughts, the better we can more consciously steer the bus! The more we check in, the more we can realize the things that don’t serve us and we are better able to disengage from it.

Soooooo. The Mindfulness Evolution Exercise 1 or challenge is– can you go FIVE minutes without complaining to yourself or to others? Up for the challenge? You can handle it. 5 minutes. GO!

Tell me tell me–what did you observe about YOU? Don’t judge or criticize. Just do as much as you can and then observe your findings. Each time you do this exercise, notice yourself. What did you/are you learning? These exercises are mini-Journeys into self.

(Keep in mind that however much time you do whether it’s 1 minute or 30 seconds, consider it a success & a step in the right direction. Keep going!)




Complaining is not a health benefit. Though we all do it, we can decrease it as we become more Mindful and Aware.

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