Stress and Anxiety Reliever Tip #2 DANCE!


Stress & Anxiety Reliever Tip 2: DANCE! Dance with PASSION. One of the BEST ways to move stagnant low-vibratory Energy (the kind that you feel bad from) is in Dancing and Movement. Moving our bodies through space is Exhilarating, Energizing and Liberating. With that comes Good Vibes!


Dance, It Does A Body Good


According to an article on Healthline outlining 8 benefits of dance, it’s a great physical workout packing serious mental and emotional goodies. They cite that dance:

1- Improves Cardiovascular Health

2- Improves Balance and Strength

3- Is Gentle On The Body (my eyebrows went up on this one–that reeeeeeallly depends on what type/style of dance you do)

4- Boosts Cognitive Performance (learning choreography really works da brain cells!)

5- Challenges Your Brain (tru dat!)

6- Is Inclusive (can be if ya wanna, or you can dance your heart out while nobody’s watching!)

7- Can Be A Social Activity (yup, see the video below!)

8- Helps Boost Your Mood (and that’s why it is my Stress Reliever Tip #2!)

And, it’s fun Fun FUN!


I Know What I Know Because…


As a former professional dancer I know the benefits first hand, but this is not about becoming a pro, this is about moving your body through space and time. Lettin’ loose and letting go. Many of us have so many responsibilities whether raising kids, working a stressful and demanding job, taking care of elderly parents and perhaps going to school on top of everything. Getting a good sweat on from dancing is a most magnificent way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Feeling depressed? Anxious? Stressed? Worried? Put on your favorite jams and DANCE! 



Get up and DANCE, whether you think you can or not, move your body through space and time. Even better, do it to Live Music whenever you can (SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!)

Credit here goes to the Bobby Sanabria Multiverse Big Band & the killin’ vocalist dancing on stage is the magnificent Jenn Jade Ledesna. “Take Steps Now” outro Jacquie Bird & Sylvester “Sly” Scott

So now you’ve got one more tool you can use to make change in your Life and lower your stress and anxiety. Let me know how it goes and enjoy!!

Holla back, I welcome your comments and thoughts…



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