Letting Go & Stripping Away


Sometimes ya gotta just step up and let ish go! How absolutely FREEING it can be when you decide to actually strip away something or someone you’ve been holding onto that so totally drains and/or blocks you. The Love may or may no longer be there, but the dependency and/or identification with the situation, person, place or thing is STRONG. So how do you know when it’s time to let go? When you realize you are unhappy most of the time with a person, place or thing, that tells you some changes are in order.

I have found that thinking about letting go of something or someone go can cause sooooo much anxiety due to the worrying about and/or being fearful of what will happen, or what someone may think if they’re cut loose. And who will you be after the relationship, or situation has ended or you leave a place you’re connected to? When I think back on past breakups, once I made the decision to step-off and things were put into motion as a result of that decision, I could see in hindsight that it was the best decision for my growth. Even though it was scary and oh so painful! I feared for the future me–what will I be without this person, would there be someone else coming down the pike???

But I DID SURVIVE. Matter of fact, I thrived as I learned more about who I was, what I wanted and what contributed to my Happiness Quotient. It is all a Journey, all a Process even though letting go may feel like the end of the world at the time. It is really just an end of an era, a chapter, a period of time that write pages in your Life’s Journey.


Letting Go Moves You To More


Not less, even though that’s what the fears tell us, “you’ll be much less minus that person, place, situation or thing. Better to stay with the ‘sure’ thing.” When I stepped out of  the showbiz industry, ohhhhh trust me when I tell you, that felt like it was gonna BREAK me. WHO WAS I WITHOUT IT? I had lived/breathed/sweated/slept/ate showbiz for most of my life up to that point. No one in my inner orbit had walked away so there were no immediate examples even though they were all around me. But I wouldn’t look cause I didn’t want to see. 

I was very aware of Career Transition for Dancers, heck I had even gotten their assistance when I started my first business, but I didn’t talk to anyone there that had actually made the permanent leap out of performing. When I did segue away it was not with the intention of leaving the business but of exploring other possibilities if they presented themselves.

And present themselves they did. I traveled all over the world for the next 8 years as a sought-after master teacher and choreographer, meeting AH-MAY-ZING people, seeing IN-CREH-DI-BLE sights and having rewarding and totally fulfilling experiences. Not what I planned at the time, but I knew I wanted fulfillment and Joy. And that’s exactly what I got.

Letting go actually moves you to more, which may seem odd because you are subtracting something from your Life. But when you empty the well of things that are not empowering, supportive, invigorating, growth-inspiring or plain ‘ol out grown its use, that action opens you up to Opportunity, to Possibilities.


But Ohhhhhhh How We Second Guess Ourselves


And the second-guessing will truly do you in! OH MAN! All the doubts, fears, worries OH MY! We get into a tug-a-war between what our mind tells us out of fear and the direction our Inner Guidance is urging us to go. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is this: make a decision and get behind it. There are NO wrong decisions.

No wrong decisions, now how can that be????? How can there be no wrong decisions? From a personality standpoint we make these judgements, but believe it or not, on a Cosmic Level, it is all Experience.

Ok now I know that may be a hard one to swallow but when it comes to choices and decisions in the bigger scheme of things, it is all a part of the Earth School’s lessons–the world of contrast, matter and illusion. (I first read the term ‘Earth School’ in Gary Zukav’s book The Seat of The Soul). 

Now ok, I know that may really be a hard one to swallow but the gist of this is to go easier and with more Compassion with yourself on the decisions you’ve made in the past, and get behind your present and future ones. Own it ALL. What’s the saying? When we know better, we [can] do better. That goes for you and every single one of us.


Letting Go Letting Go Letting Go and Stripping Away



Let Go & Strip Away by Jacquie Bird


The imagery in this tarot card from the Osho Zen deck is just so simple & beautiful. Dew drops gently fall off the leaves…which brings me back to…


If you are struggling/hesitating to let something and/or someone go, here’s some questions to ask yourself:

1) Does holding on serve your Greatest Good? If so, how?

2) If not, why do you continue to hold on? This is not about blame, but to shine Light. Perhaps you will gain Clarity in this part of the process. This is part of the       stripping away and identifying the need to let go…

3) If you know it is time to let go, what is holding you in place? Look at your reasons and see if continuing to hold on contributes to your Peace and Happiness Quotient

4) Explore how letting go will improve your Life. Can you see the Fabulous Possibilities and if not, Create them with your mind! (Our Thoughts Create Our Reality)


Expect The Best!

Shift your focus away from what can go or be wrong, look at what CAN come to you on da positive!

So after you have for the billionth time weighed the pros and cons with the Inner Knowing that letting go is in your best interest, what are you waiting for? Even though we Experience past, present and worry about the future, we really only have NOW, The Present Moment.

I can tell you from my Experiences that Letting Go will FREE You. No matter how painful it may be in the undertaking, who’s heart gets hurt or broken. Letting GO does a mind/body/soul good.




BECOME the Peace You wish to see.


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