Letting Go

Totality by Jacquie Bird



The imagery in the card is just so simple & beautiful. Dew drops gently fall off the leaves…which brings me to…

The Question/Statement & something to consider–LETTING GO

Is there something or someone You want to Let Go of? How has holding on not served your Greatest Good? Why have You held on? How do You/When do You plan to Let Go? What are Your Expectations of how You’ll feel when You DO Let Go? How will it Improve Your Life? What are You waiting for?

I can tell You that Letting Go will FREE You.

It was interesting that I drew this card, as with many of Us, there are things that no longer served me that I have carried for almost this entire Life-time. Some emotional baggage that revealed a rage within, not anger but rage. I’d been walking around with it through all the smiles, all the Joy, it lurked within until it had to bellow out. I’M HERE & YOU NO LONGER CAN IGNORE ME. Phew. Didn’t feel very good when it did roar outward, like a boiling mass of lava spewing forth & though I meant every word I screamed I was not proud of losing control. Of not being PRESENT. And yet, I held on to that person, that relationship, hoping to be able to salvage it. Why??? Out of guilt? Why???? I asked why but still said ‘I should still try, I should keep trying for X,Y & Z reasons.’ WHY????? Then a story was recanted to me about this individual that made me wake up & realize the time is NOW.

Now, I am giving Myself Permission to gently Let Go. And it feels GLORIOUS. Yes I have sad feelings around it, but I feel FREE. i release Myself & this person, I send them Light & wish them Well & Thank them for the Lessons.

Letting GOOOOOOO does a body good. And a mind. And a heart.

And a SOUL.

A Gemstone that can possibly assist You on Letting Go–actually the great news is there are quite a few of them in to choose from right here.


“Don’t just dance to the beat of a different drum,

dance to different beats AND different instruments!”

Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness

Be Kind to Yourself today, remember to BREATHE Consciously

and Let That Ish GO!


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