Self Care Challenge


In this Self Care Challenge you are asked the question, ‘what can you do today for yourself that is more Loving?’ One of the most important relationships you can have is the one with yourself. If you can get on the good foot with YOU then it makes a whole lotta other things clearer.

When you really get YOU, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You will be wanting to live Authentically and doing your darndest to learn what floats your boat in order to do that.

When you really know YOU, your Internal Antenna will be clear to ‘hear’ when someone or something is Truthful or not because Your Truth will know the difference.


Practicing Self Care Opens The Channels to Clarity


When we’re feeling really good because we’re Practicing Self Care, everything looks different. Your Perspective shifts as you realize then know that you are a very valuable asset. Your outer relationships shift because you may choose to react differently to triggers or to not react at all. You will have more Energy as your own Energies shift due to diligent Self Care.

Practicing Self Care raises your Frequency and when that happens, you begin to attract people and situations that resonate on that same Vibe. 

In watching the video below, really take in the imagery, image yourself right there and take slow deep breaths through the nose. Exhale slower than your inhale and when the video is over, continue to hold space for your time to take in good deep Conscious Breaths.



Whatcha Gonna Do?


Now make a plan, what can, no, WILL you do for yourself today that is more Loving? Put YOU on your calendar.

There are some suggestions in the vid but the best person to determine what you need is YOU. So get to it. And make it fun, not a chore. Be Creative and Inventive. Be bold and paint in broad strokes. If getting a decent night’s sleep is on the top of your Practicing Self Care List and it’s been alluding you, what can you do differently to get those needed and wanted zzz’s?

I riff more on the topic of Self Care on my podcast

Treat yourself well. You deserve it!

Holla back, I welcome your comments and thoughts..



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