Be. Kind.


Be Kind. It only takes a moment or maybe more (so what?). But the payoff for your Spiritual Growth is immeasurable. 

You know, pain is everywhere. We’re so bombarded with it. Other people’s pain, our pain, the world pain, the Earth’s pain. I mean, it’s really challenging to find your space of Joy, and you do that through Compassion. Feeling Compassion for yourself, Feeling Compassion for others and Being Aware of others.

There was a woman on the train one night and you know, if you live in New York City, you get kind of jaded to that because so many are begging and destitute on the subways, but this woman…

I was looking down, I was aware of her, but was on my phone when she came into the car. She was asking for money, but in the middle of speaking, she stopped and I could feel her,

I could feel her pain.

I could feel her pain, her frustration, her disappointment, that she was so totally invisible.

That she did not matter.


But Every. Single. One of Us MATTERS.


I didn’t have much cash, I had like, 2 bucks but I dug it out and gave it to her. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for…her sense of GRATITUDE in Receiving was so…IMMENSE. You would’ve thought I’d given a much larger sum of money. But the Gratitude was so palpable, I could easily feel and see it–that somebody actually gave a shit, that somebody saw her.

In that moment, the amount of money didn’t matter, I mean, what would she have actually gotten with two dollars? Zilch. But the Giving, the KINDNESS was priceless. 

And I know there’s a lot of opinions about that, giving to ‘panhandlers’ (Human Beings). I remember talking about this with an ex who frowned upon giving money to people living in the streets. He felt people should get a job. Get a job? GET A JOB? Maybe they tried! Maybe they fell on hard times through addiction, the loss of a job, or money mismanagement. 

Homelessness can and does happen to people from all walks of Life, from folks with the highest degrees to what is considered a ‘menial’ job.

Judgment is easy, you don’t have to do squat to thumb your nose up at another.


What They Choose to Do With The Money Isn’t The Point…


My ex would retort, “oh they’re just gonna use the money for drugs, alcohol or cigarettes!” So many have this point of view, but that’s not the point when it comes to Being Kind and Giving.

What exactly is the point?

TO BE KIND. TO GIVE. That is what YOU have control over. When you are Kind and you Give, what someone ultimately does with the money is a whole ‘notha story.

As I was Receiving the Energy of Gratitude from this woman I looked down and saw she had no shoes, just socks. I mean she had no shoes on man and it was like 32 degrees that night! She was walking around with no SHOES. That blew my mind that in light of her situation, she could resonate with Gratitude.

That was her Gift of Kindness to me.


Boy if We Just Gave More of a Crap…


Take a moment. Close your eyes. Recall an Experience when you were on the Receiving end of someone’s Kindness and how that made you Feel. Acts of Kindness change our world.

See how much you can affect your portion of the world in Being Kind. Not just to others, but to yourself as well. Maybe you dog yourself a bit less in your mind, avoiding phrases like, “I’m so stupid!” “I’m such an idiot!” “I’m fat!” “I’m too this that and the other” and all the myriad ways we crap on ourselves with Allowing the Inner Critic to have their way…

Be Kind. “When you are Kind, Life opens up for you in ways you can’t imagine.” –Jacquie Bird



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