Musings On The Outside. The Coronavirus Diaries Part ll


Being able to go with The Flow is a very valuable lesson Coronavirus is teaching us if we can step away from Fear, get Grounded & Centered enough to see it” 

The more #positiveenergy we choose to inhabit, the more we send out. The more we send out, the more we help to #support the incredible healthcare professionals & everyone who is going to work like the folks working in grocery stores, first responders etc, Our Positive Energy also goes to support the people looking for Solutions to help support the healthcare professionals & it goes out to all the people suffering from or will suffer from #COVID19

 Part ll of my impromptu improv series ‘Musings On The Outside. The Coronavirus Diaries.’ (Part one is Tap Into The Depths of Your Soul In Mindfulness

I call this little ditty, Makin’ It Up As I Go Along.



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