Stress and Anxiety Relievers Tip #1


Stress and anxiety relievers. Here’s another Mindfulness series for ya, here’s tip #1. It’s very simple. Well maybe not if you tend to hold yourself in a stiff manner…but try it, if you can let go of judgement you may find this quite freeing…Ready? Here goes. Be as spontaneously silly as possible. Not just with children but play like a child around adults, it’s so much fun! Spontaneous and silly are today’s stress and anxiety reliever key words…

Planning is cool. I like to plan. But mix it up with some spontaneity for some Balance. Being spontaneous is a spice of Life! Noooooobody knows what to expect, including you, not being so predictable all the friggin’ time breathes fresh air into the equation.

Letting go and just being free are such stress and anxiety relievers! Not giving a flying *uck as to what others think, mannnnn don’t wait til you’re older to get to that point. Practice it NOW, not worrying about how you look to others ’cause

if they don’t get yo’ Vibe, that’s on THEM.


Having Said That Though…


How much time is spent worrying about what others think? We spend a lot of time on IP, no not the computer address (though that we do too) but IP meaning IMPRESSING OTHERS. Look at social media, that’s what it’s ALL about, Impressing Others. Look how fierce my body is, look how fabulous my ride is, look how off da chain my crib is, oh man I got this great new job look at me look at me LOOK AT ME.

Damn. All that yelling ‘look at me’ is downright stressful and anxiety-riddled. ‘Cause then you gotta keep those likes comin’ and if you don’t, that’s taken as a commentary on your worth

Your worth cannot be quantified by the amount of likes or absence of likes on social media. You Are SO Much More.

But when you allow yourself spontaneity in being silly, in other words, put some play-like-a kid time in your day, it breaks down what ever barriers, boxes or cages you hold yourself in. And when that happens, it’s all part of the magic of what stress and anxiety relievers bring to the quality of your Life.


Why Do We Become So Uptight?


There’s some rules that we adhere to as we move through and out of childhood–we must act like this or that depending who is around or whom we need to impress. Ok so yeah you wouldn’t necessarily walk into a room with people higher up on the ‘I Am More Important Than You’ ladder and break into song (unless you’re a singer going in for an audition) but if you factor in all the hours most days of having to hold yourself in, PHEW stress indu-CING! ya gotta have some spontaneous and silly time up in yo’ day!

It can be sooooo much easier being silly around kids–they give us license ’cause they’re silly and funny and spontaneous and and and…but what about us? We get uptight and uptighter as the years go by turning to alcohol, ganja, aspirin etc. for our stress and anxiety relievers when a good belly-laugh from being silly is free! As well as free-ING.

On the whole, we take things sooooooo seriously and this stress and anxiety relieving tip will help you lighten up!


Me? I Never Worry About Looking Or Being Silly…


I have always been a ‘kook’ somebody jusssssst out of step with the others I knew and/or know. And didn’t/don’t really care about it. In an earlier post, I relate the time I fell in front of this boy I liked in the 5th grade. Now don’t get me wrong, it was MORTIFYING. But I think so many things happened to me in my young life that I had a ‘yeah that happened uh huh NEXT’ attitude and just pushed through. Losing your mother at age nine can do that to ya.

But I was always silly, laugh-y and goofy when I wanted to be which was pretty often. And having a lifetime teaching kids certainly helps! Anywho I digress…I had a piece of a story to tell ya…

Some years ago, I was guest teacher and choreographer for the dance department at UNLV and honestly, it was not a good experience. They didn’t like me. I didn’t like them. So were even. It was 6 weeks of drama and conflamma UGH…I couldn’t wait for it to be over and it was long before I became Your Wellness Guide so I didn’t have those good ol’ stress and anxiety relievers in my toolkit.


When You Are Just So Stiff, You Miss Great Opportunities…


It was the last day and I was giving notes to the dancers on this piece I choreographed called cellphonehypnotik. Originally set on 11 marvelous dancers in Tokyo, Japan, I was reconstructing it on this group and could never get what I wanted from the lead dancer. She was so stiff–not physically but in the way she expressed and I wanted very specific feeling-tones at specific points.

The rehearsal was being observed by a faculty member.

So for not the first or fifth or tenth time I was yet again giving the lead dancer the same doggone note. As always, I demonstrated what I wanted, but instead of finishing on my feet, I went flying on my butt in a slide across half the length of the stage! When I ended in a heap at the side of the stage, I burst into uproarious laughter rolling on the floor in total glee…

But I was the only one laughing.

I was like, ‘DAMN.’ I felt kinda sad for them. Stern disapproving faces met my astonished gaze as I stood up.

There is NO WAY if my teacher busted her ass in front of me and I didn’t like her that I wouldn’t laugh–after making sure she was ok of course.

They missed a great opportunity. Shit, I had a GREAT laugh at my own expense!

If I couldn’t laugh at myself on da regular falling in front of them could’ve have been agonizing for me. But I took it in stride, falls happen.

And I didn’t really give a *uck what they thought.


So Free Yourself. Create Those Silly Spontaneous Moments. Daily.


It’s freeing and sets the stage for your Freedom from the cages and boxes enabling you to break through your self-imposed barriers. It helps you not to take yourself sooooo darn seriously allllll the time and helps you lighten up…and hey ya may even have fun in the process…which is truly the whole point!





So now you’ve got a tool you can use to make change in your Life and lower your stress and anxiety. Let me know how it goes and enjoy!!

Holla back, I welcome your comments and thoughts…



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