Thank You, Costa Rica. Epilogue


Thank you, Costa Rica. Much Gratitude to our friends Kathy and Bernie and to our wonderful guide Frank. And I am so Grateful to have been able to bask in the glow of the natural beauty of the Costa Rican landscape. What an incredible experience. When you find a place that you feel a symbiosis with, it’s a beautiful thang. Costa Rica is that place for me.

Thank you Costa Rica for reminding me that I had stopped Dreaming, that I had gotten into a routine and neglected my ‘staring into space time,’ that I had hunkered down in the effort and act of getting things done. I was doing my goal work but not my DreamWork. The ‘work’ where you ask, ‘what now?’ but not out of frustration or feeling stuck, but where you Consciously fuel the future as you show up fully in your Present. What are the Possibilities I want to be Embraced in?


Clarity is A Peaceful and Powerful Seat


I felt like I was seated within a cocoon of Peace as I gained much Clarity along the way. Travel can do that for ya, immersing within another culture can be so invigorating. And being in Nature among the sounds, smells and sights take you out of yourself yet deeper Within Self. You have a better chance of hearing your Divine Guidance.

I truly heard my Divine Guidance in Costa Rica on quiet full blast. Near the end of our stay at Bio Thermales Hot Springs, our friend and host Bernie took us uphill on the property to see his cacao trees. Once we got up to the top, I saw a bush with an explosion of butterflies so ya know that’s where I went!


If You’ve Been Following This Journey You KNOW I LOVE BUTTERFLIES!


I don’t have any idea how long I stood mesmerized by the sight of the butterflies feeding and flitting about, oblivious to my flailing attempts to capture them on camera. Gone was the remembrance that I walked up there with the intention of assisting with the harvesting of cacao, there were butterflies to revel in!

While in Costa Rica, I had learned that the lifespan of the majority of butterfly species is two to four weeks with some living up to six. There are three stages that happen before becoming the adult butterfly which consists of going from egg to caterpillar to pupa or chrysalis,  I also learned that they have four wings and not two. And they only drink liquids to sustain themselves taking it in through a proboscis, sleep at night then come on out to play and delight us fans during the day.


A Beautiful Surprise Was In Store…


I finally took my sights off my friends in search of the macaws I’d heard earlier. I couldn’t get a good shot and for a moment, just stood in silence, only to be Graced with a Divine Visitation…




It took me a minute to get myself together. I couldn’t believe how long she visited with me! Flying away to come right back a few times. It truly felt like I had been visited by my long departed mommy (I was nine) and I was/am so Grateful for that Beautiful Experience.


And then as if in answer to my last comment…





How cool is that?!


A Sight After Shopping


A day or so later we went off shopping in La Fortuna which was awesome! Costa Rica has a lot of beautiful wood sculpted/carved items that look like Nature. I just went nuts! Darting out from store to store as it rained was fun. But the storm was brewing and we were hungry so off we went to our other favorite restaurant, Matiz Cafe & Restaurante. They serve a mean salmon!

On the way I was so struck by this ominous, yet awesome sight…





It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…


And then the day came when we had to ship out. I think the only reason I didn’t cry like last time is that we will be back asap!



Our plane view at the San Jose airport departure day. Thank you, Costa Rica

Our plane view at the San Jose airport departure day. Thank you, Costa Rica, we shall return



Thank you Costa Rica, we will see you soon, PURA VIDA!


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  1. Cassie Schwartz says:

    To be touched and trusted by such a beautiful creature is a sign from Nature that she honors your gentle spirit, Jacquie, letting one of her most fragile creations come so close.

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