What I’d Tell My Younger Self

                                                            –(and YOU if you’re currently struggling…)

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Oh BOY! What I’d tell my younger self now. One of the first things I’d say is, “Honey, it won’t always hurt so bad and you will be more than okay in all of this madness. You will do better than survive, you will THRIVE…when you get your mental space together and use The Power that is within you to lay claim to Your Joy, to Your Peace and move through Your Life with Intention and Gratitude.

My younger self might have said, “I gotta do all that? It’s hard, I’m tired!

My reply? “You can do anything you set your Mind on. And you will move through the pain. Slowly at first and then you’ll get the hang of it because you’ll learn to Listen better to your Divine Guidance. You can’t possibly understand that now, but a part of you truly does. You are not the pain, disappointments, failures, fears or frustrations you feel during periods in time. You feel them but they are not who YOU are. You will live an INCREDIBLE Life full of wonder, adventure and excitement. And LOVE.”

You promise?”

“I promise.”


This is What Else I Would Tell My Younger Self…and You


I’d let my younger self know that her stuck-in-the-mud-gotta-do-it-her way regardless of what the adults around her thought would serve her well in her Life. I’d let her know that ignoring all the comments about, “you so stubborn” from the time she was two was definitely the right thing for the Journey to come. 

I’d reassure her that the self-assuredness she walked with even when scared shitless at times would also serve her well. And when she faltered in doubt and fear and was ready to step off this Earth, that too, was a part of her process to locate the self she was meant to become. And is still becoming.

And in no particular order I’d tell her,

IT DOES GET BETTER:  when You get Your Headspace in a better place. Perspective is EVERYTHING 

Say “THANK YOU” often:  gratitude Gratitude GRATITUDE. It is truly a game changer. The more you are in the State of Gratitude, the more things Flow into Your Life to be Grateful for 

APPRECIATION:  goes hand in hand with Gratitude. Finding/seeing/recognizing more things and people to Appreciate makes Your Vibe go BOOM! 

TRUST YOUR GUT:  that is Your Divine Guidance

LIFE DOES GO ON AFTER A DEEP PAINFUL LOSS:  my mother died when I was nine. I was in a black hole while the adults around me were spinning in their own cesspool of what the fuck? All I wanted was to be a grown-up so I could run my own Life. And then that went to shit. I lost myself many more times that I can count. To my younger self I can say, “what is lost can be found. A new sense of Self, of Freedom, of Knowingness, of Joy, of Peace, of Loving and Being in Love with Life. Do not give up, do not despair, for your wildest dreams will MANIFEST!” 

EVEN IN TIMES WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, TRUST that a part of you does. How can you find YOU? Whenever you follow Your Bliss, YOU are there, and that is WHO YOU ARE. You are not a title, a category, or what you do for a living. YOU ARE THE ONE DOING THOSE THINGS. They are not who you are. Follow Your Bliss Little Star, for You are made of Stardust, and You are ALL that! 


QUALITY OF LIFE, QUALITY OF LIFE: what you want mama? What is the Essence of the things you want in Your Life? How ’bout Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Health? A Grounded and Centered Headspace? Make sure that is on the top of your list. Sure, you want the creature comforts, but don’t measure and judge Your Life based on somebody else’s time frame. That isn’t applicable to YOUR Journey at ALL. 

BEST FRIENDS GO OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOR NO FORSEABLE REASON. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY:  you did nothing to hurt them intentionally and don’t try to figure out why they stopped talking to you or being around you, Let it be. Folks got their own way of rollin’ which has nothing to do with YOU. Sure it hurt and though dazed and confused you’ll get over it and keep it movin’ 

DON’T SPEND TIME CAUGHT UP IN SOMEBODY ELSE’S BS: it’s their BS. Don’t make it yours (which is an addendum to the one above)

WHAT SOMEBODY ELSE THINKS ABOUT YOU OR ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO DO OR HAVE DONE: is just that, what they think. What do YOU think? That’s what’s important. And if you don’t know, get quiet by taking deep slow breaths in and out. Repeat. You will Hear the Answers that are already in your airspace. Stop asking others what you should do because they’re not you and don’t have the insider info on your Journey ’cause they’re ain’t, YOU 

LEARN TO GO WITH THE FLOW: the sooner you learn to do that, you will navigate with more Grace and less bumps and bruises. Spend more Energy on the things You DO have control over and stop worrying on what you cannot control. Control YOU, that’s one of your superpowers

❤ YOU CANNOT CHANGE PEOPLE. PERIOD. SO STOP TRYING: and stop hoping they’ll change ’cause they say they love you. They won’t. People change if and when THEY decide to and if and only if that happens, they will SHOW you in deed. Not just talk about it but BE about it!

USE ALL OF YOUR TALENTS: dear girl, you will never want for Inspiration as you will be a walking idea chest and do MANY things! 

LIFE IS TRULY WHAT YOU MAKE IT:  wrap your head around that dearie and make it so! 

YOU HAVE SOOOOO MUCH GOING FOR YOU: You BETTAH RECOGNIZE! Spend less time in the DarkZone and more in the Light That You ARE! 





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3 responses to “What I’d Tell My Younger Self”

  1. Randy says:

    The Conversation of wisdom that you posted about the conversation you would have with your younger self really resonated with me.
    Thank You for the re-minder,
    It’s a conversation that is universally applicable because I
    believe that it is pre-sent from the Universe and is inherently
    present in each of us.
    We just have to be re-minded by enlightenment vessels such as yourself who say the right messages at the right time and put us back on the right track of Life. Thanks again.

  2. erica says:

    This article is a captivating exploration of this topic, offering readers a satisfying blend of knowledge and readability. Well done! ❤️

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