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01/29/2020 | 02:59

"...mental calmness, evenness of mind under stress..." Today's riff is, Equanimity. Something you want to cultivate...

GRATITUDE Is The Right Attitude

01/22/2020 | 21:05

"...a great way to change the narrative is in cultivating a Mindfulness Practice in which Gratitude...

Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Nicole Marquez

01/15/2020 | 01:15:48

----more----Okay folks, this is a not-to-miss. What a truly remarkable AND unbelievable Journey of Joy,...


01/08/2020 | 02:59

----more----"...what better time to let go of what no longer serves you than NOW?" Today's riff...

A Holiday Hiatus

12/18/2019 | 03:41

Riffin' on my Holiday Hiatus, please listen, please spread the word about Roll With Peace,...

Lessons In FORGIVENESS & A Bit Of My Journey

12/11/2019 | 36:11

"...there is nothing in the replaying of those events that serve You as long as...


12/03/2019 | 04:46

"...The State of Appreciation is Your Rocket Ship to uplifting Your Vibe...." When folks ask...

Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Geert Weggen

11/26/2019 | 22:16

"I think fear can be like a plants, you can nurse and fertilize them..."...

Wisdom Gems: The Present Moment is NOW

11/19/2019 | 04:20

"...all of your dreams for the future, know you are Creating them Now ...." Are...

Resilience & Flexibility–Being Able To Go With The Flow

11/12/2019 | 28:34

"Resilience is the discovery of Your Ultimate Strength..." "...becoming more Flexible and Resilient are great...

Wisdom Gems–LISTEN. In Stillness

11/05/2019 | 03:02

"...we pride ourselves on our busy-ness yet, we wear ourselves out...." it's almost like we have a contest...

Soothe Thyself–Gemstones & Crystals For Stress Relief

10/30/2019 | 22:07

Welcome to Episode 14 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. In this episode, I riff on...

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