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Roll With Peace, In Mind Podcast
by Jacquie Bird


Jacquie Bird

—-more—-“…Without Harmony, what we experience are holes, not the Wholeness we seek…” 

Today’s riff is, Harmony. We crave it. It may not look like it because often our focus is on anything but, yet our beings desire it. Our unhappiness is rooted in living in chaos–minds running all over the place–oh our lives may be shining examples of order with the career, the family, the house and car, the achievements…but many of us feel really empty because Peace is within. Creating more Harmony is a key. “Harmony holds the Hand of Peace.”

Welcome to episode 29 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Here, I offer Wisdom Gems, short blasts between the major episodes to give you an Inspirational and Motivational boost with thoughts, mantras and/or affirmations to uplift your day, to Balance, Calm and Ground You.

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