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BECOMING AWARE: Minding Your Store of Thought–Wisdom Gems

05/15/2020 | 09:35

----more----"We magnify our stress with our Runaway Thoughts, most of the time we have no...

Reducing Stress: Be An Advocate For Your WellBeing

05/09/2020 | 28:19

"...with all that is going on that is EXACTLY why You must be an Advocate...


04/30/2020 | 06:27

----more----"When we are being PINCHED, when our nerves are FRIED, when we are about to...

Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Angela Robinson

04/23/2020 | 54:47

I had the JOY of sitting down and talking with the MAGNIFICENT Artist and Human...

COMPASSION: The Light in The Darkness–Wisdom Gems

04/16/2020 | 04:21

----more----"The Great Equalizer is demanding that we grow, that we LEARN, that we  Evolve Our...

Perspective: What This Global Time-Out Can Teach Us

04/10/2020 | 33:59

"...We have, right now, an opportunity to make some real changes..."  Welcome to Episode 32...

WORRY: The Anti-Wellness Drug–Wisdom Gems

03/26/2020 | 05:29

----more----"One definition of worry: ‘give way to anxiety or unease; allow one's mind to dwell...

Practicing Mindfulness in a World of Fear–Coronavirus

03/20/2020 | 27:02

" this time right now we are TRULY in this together...Corona Virus, The Great Equalizer..." ...


02/26/2020 | 03:04

----more----"...Without Harmony, what we experience are holes, not the Wholeness we seek..."  Today's riff is,...

The Six Best GIfts To Give YourSelf

02/19/2020 | 22:59

"...TRULY, the way to Creating Peace within Your Mental Space is in recognizing the Mind...

BECOMING To Be Your Authentic Self–Wisdom Gems

02/12/2020 | 03:13

----more----" Essence, these roles do not define us. WHY AM I, WHO am I?"  Today's...

Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Tanushree Dhaundiyal

02/05/2020 | 32:46

"You never know who you're inspiring in your own courage..."  This is one of the...

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