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Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Nicole Marquez

Jacquie Bird

----more----Okay folks, this is a not-to-miss. What a truly remarkable AND unbelievable Journey of Joy, Ambition, Tragedy, Determination, Will Power, Faith, Assistance, Empowerment and Resilience....

Spotlight On: Zazel O’Garra Chavah Part 1–Are You Riding On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge

02/04/2021 | 39:12

" cannot compete with your old self..." TONS of insight, inspiration and motivation from my...

On The Mindfulness Tip: Are You An Observer or A Visionary?

01/08/2021 | 08:47

"...but the good news is, if we want to, if it is a priority, we...

Set Your Intention for 2021: Vision Board & Guided Meditation Workshop

12/17/2020 | 07:26

What are YOU doing on New Year's Eve? Got a cool groovy, mindful & FUN...

Take A Walk in COURAGE

12/02/2020 | 13:21

"Courage is taking Your own hand to do what Your Inner Being urges You to...


10/23/2020 | 06:59

"I say, Keep The Faith y’all, Keep The Faith. Trust. Expect. Breathe. Ask for help...

Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Valarie Pettiford Part ll

10/16/2020 | 30:31

Part ll of our chat from 2019. "Valarie's theatre credits read like a prestigious shopping...

Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge, SPOTLIGHT ON: Valarie Pettiford Part l

10/09/2020 | 33:11

"Valarie Pettiford's career glitters like the lights on Broadway. An award-winning triple-threat, Valarie has worked...


10/02/2020 | 06:18

"We must take charge and stewardship of our Rejuvenation, not have it be on condition...

On The Mindfulness Tip: It’s A Matter of The Consequences

09/25/2020 | 23:42

"When we’re little, there are endless lessons on The Consequences—'don’t touch that fire, it’s hot...

Immerse YourSelf In Living–Wisdom Gems

09/17/2020 | 09:00

"...the more we Live peripherally as spectators in our own lives and don’t Immerse ourselves...

A Hiatus Full of Listening Suggestions

08/28/2020 | 03:27

Greetings and thank you so much for being a Roll With Peace, In Mind listener!...

The 6 Best Gifts to Give Yourself B4 Stress Has Got You In A Mess

08/21/2020 | 16:23

"...if you crown yourself with The Six Best Gifts on a regular basis, you won’t...

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