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Spotlight On: Geert Weggen, Nature Photographer

Jacquie Bird

“Creativity for me is to create something new…what has not happened before. Creativity is creating out of The Spirit, from the Dream World…” 

Welcome to episode 70 of Roll With Peace, In Mind featuring another installment of ‘Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge’ featuring folks who have chosen to follow their hearts, dreams and Intuition. They did not and do not listen to the nay-sayers or to the ‘it can’t be done-ners’ but step out on Faith, Passion and Intention, not allowing fears to derail them. The spotlight is on Geert Weggen.

Geert Weggen is a Dutch/Swedish internationally awarded photographer specialising in photographing red squirrels. His works have been published worldwide, in newspapers, books and magazines, and appears on television and in radio programmes.

Geert has published several books, puzzles, calendars and postcards, and he has been involved in a Disney movie and product launches for companies.

A few times a year, he organizes photo workshops.

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