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Graceful Change, A StressBusters Guided Meditation

Jacquie Bird

In this episode, I take you through a brief sample of my StressBusters Guided Meditation (of which I am the creator and practitioner) to help you Center, Ground and Connect. It’s kinda like a cellphone to your Inner Self, your Inner Guidance. In this guided meditation you have an opportunity to meditate on the tips I shared in episode 8, Change! Makes You Wanna Holla! This guided meditation was created to help you get through Change when it comes a’knockin’ which it does all the time, particularly during these tumultuous times.

The sound healing music you hear is from my SoundSoulVibin’ Meditation Music, and the track in this episode, Graceful Change is available for purchase along with other 5, 6 or 30 minute guided meditations at Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness for direct and easy access for listening.

Welcome to Episode 60 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Today’s riff is Graceful Change a StressBusters Guided Meditation to consider in order to navigate with lower stress and anxiety levels and to be better able to go with The Flow…

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