Where Art, Spirit & WellBeing Come Together

Unique One of a Kind Handmade Gemstone and Copper Wall Art Hangings and Jewelry.

Created with Wellness in mind and made with Love, Spirit, Intention and Purpose.
The Mandala WallArt pieces and jewelry can be used not only as decoration and adornment but also as meditation pieces to help soothe, calm and/or energize and ground you.
Ultimately, the foundation is stress and anxiety relief, mindfulness and well-being to increase your Joy, Peace and to improve your Quality of Life.
I define Modal as the "music" of a piece. a form, feel, mood or mode--
what the piece emanates Energetically.
When I Create, I 'see' the Essence of it, hence the "Vision" part of the name.
"As I Create, I AM Awake, yet dream, 
as Energies flow through to take physical form"
Some of the many unique offerings of MODAL VISIONS, a handmade wellness brand from Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness to reduce stress and anxiety, promote mindfulness. Can be used as meditation pieces.

I was told, "My taste in jewelry usually leans toward basic shapes, simple post earrings or the occasional unadorned bangle. It was therefore quite the surprise to realize that I was immediately and utterly drawn toward MODAL VISIONS! Perhaps it was the beauty of the gemstones or maybe the intricacy of the wire wraps. In any case, I couldn’t pass them up. I’m now the owner of a MODAL VISIONS bracelet, a neckpiece, and a pair of earrings. I love the way I feel when I wear them.

And I love that I always receive compliments on the jewelry. From strangers!!"

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Convenient to get to from NYC & surrounding areas. 10 minutes from WTC; 25 minutes from 33rd St. 4 blocks from Grove St. PATH station

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