The Amazonite Sundial Mandala Wall Art

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The Amazonite Sundial Mandala Wall Art is a unique blend of linen (flax), an 18 karat gold piece, copper wire, a top hook, one large Amazonite gemstone, and 24 multi-colored Krobo beads. Krobo beads are hand painted glass beads from Ghana.

This is what I intuitively received once the art was created: “you pour into the sun as it pours into you inward and outward culminating in the butterfly.” The 18 karat gold piece at the bottom symbolizes a butterfly, (one of my favorite beings) which represents the receiver or receptacle. The Krobo beads are the rays of the sun.

Hence the art has the cooling energy of the Amazonite along with the energizing energies pointing to Balance.

Amazonite keywords: Harmony, Truth, Communication

Chakras: Heart/4th, Throat/5th

Element: Water (maintaining healthy emotional balance)

Measurements: 15 1/4″W x 17 1/4″L 1.3lbs./0.6kg


Mandala Wall Art hangings are created to imbue your home with good vibes and positive energy. You can use this not only to decorate your home but also as a meditation tool by gazing at it and taking deep, slow conscious breaths to still your mind. Or you can use this as a Dream catcher placed in a window and watch the light dance through.

This Mandala Wall Art hanging is a one of a kind creation and is a Vegan-friendly work of art made with linen and hemp yarn and entwined with copper wire. Copper is an Energy Conductor and said to be great for our health.

There is a handmade hook at the top.

Yellow linen yarn intertwined with copper.

The copper has developed a patina due to oxidation.

**NOTE: actual colors vary from the photographs**

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