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Stress and Anxiety Relief 

Stress and Anxiety Management

increase Mindfulness, Awareness, and Personal Growth.


How-to's for living with less stress and anxiety, and how to enjoy a more Peaceful and confident life with

Mindfulness in Mind to reach your BEST self.


All that while gettin' your hustle and bustle on!


Practice self care and learn Self Love

with these beautiful and stunning eBooks. 


Filled with mantras, meditations, thought-provoking insights, color therapy and striking images in a day by day format.


Geared to the stressed and busy person who wants to change their habits and change their life--YOU--the books in this 4-week series are laid out in a way where you can do what you have time for whether it's a lot or a little, there is something in these Mindfulness Gems for any amount of time you have to spare on your Mindfulness and Personal Growth Journey!!

"7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness by Jacquie Bird is an effusive and upbeat guide on beginning or deepening a Mindfulness Practice. Ms. Bird has crafted a very accessible, easy read, yet it is packed with lots of little 'gems' for the reader; set in a lovely format with bold images, colorful pages and gemstone suggestions to augment your practice--a very appealing presentation with a lovely message--that stress relief and Peace are obtainable with intention and attention to how you roll in the world."

--E. Gordon