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by Jacquie Bird

A Wisdom Gems Trilogy–Oldies Yet Goodies

Jacquie Bird

” these episodes help you examine what makes You tick…” 

Welcome to Episode 78 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Today’s riff is A Wisdom Gems Trilogy–Oldies Yet Goodies is a wondrous mix of three past episodes: Harmony episode 29, Take A Walk In Courage episode 52, and Becoming Aware: Minding Your Store of Thought episode 37. All to make one episode full of Mindful Thinking, examination and reflection. The titles give you an indication of the subject matter. Enjoy!

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2) Don’t Deny YOU: Guided Meditation & Journaling Workshop

Wednesday, December 29th at 6:30PM EST I will be offering this 60 minute workshop. The end of the year, a new year is coming. What are your Intentions to treat yourself better and to enjoy your Life more? Join me for an inspiring, relaxing and invigorating workshop of relaxation and self-discovery. Click title for more information. A virtual workshop. There are also dates in January 2022!

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The music you hear toward the beginning of the episode is “Everlasting Dream” from my SoundSoulVibin’ digital album Meditation and Yoga Vol 1


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