5-6 Minute Guided Meditation- To The Zone of Center

To The Zone of Center Guided Meditation


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5- 6 minute Guided Meditation is for when you have little time but need to Balance and Center pronto! With soothing SoundSoulVibin’ Music in the background, I quickly guide you to a calmer more grounded you. Great when you’re on the job on a break and you need to reset so you don’t hurt somebody (or yourself!) or when you need to take a time out from your studies or a breather from the kiddoes. As a matter of fact, see if you can inspire them with your calmness…

You will be instructed to breathe deeply, use imagery and to sink into the sound of my SoundSoulVibin’ Music. In my music I use a modality called Toning which is “a gentle form of sound healing that helps us to heal on all levels by using certain notes and vowel sounds…” credit: Optimum Health USA. I have found Toning to be quite an effective way to help us balance and center, relax and let stress and anxiety go. I find that when you’re not focused on a melody there is nothing additional for the mind to hook on to as an added distraction. Being distracted is the last thing you need when you are looking to relax and let go.

5-6 minute Guided Meditation while on the run, get into a Zone of Center!! We are at our best when grounded and centered to better navigate the stressors in Life.

So Breathe baby, breathe…

Jacquie Bird: Vocals, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Rattle

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