See Me See You

See Me See You


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See Me See You. SoundSoulVibin’ Music that’s repetitive on purpose to assist you into a trance-like space where time does not exist, only you and the activity in which you are engaged. Bringing you into the Present Moment where you are an active participant in your endeavors. Tuning into the magical sounds of the mbira helps to let go of stress and anxiety.

The mbira dzavadzimu (‘mbira of the ancestors’)also known as the nhare mbira (‘iron mbira’), is a lamellaphone idiophone of the Zezuru Shona people of Zimbabwe. It is closely associated with traditional spirit possession ceremonies. These ceremonies, known as bira, are the primary context in which the mbira dzavadzimu is played, but it also has come to be incorporated in other settings more secular in nature. In recent decades, this instrument has become the most widely known form of Zimbabwean lamellaphone. Credit and more on this instrument…

I call my music SoundSoulVibin’ because that is my intention of each piece created–for the sound to reach into the soul to relax your mind and body. And when you relax your mind and body, you be vibin’ on a whole level!

Jacquie Bird: Mbira

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