7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness Week 4


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7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness Week 4–Keys to Stress Relief & Personal Growth is the final week in the four week series. For anyone who wants to begin or deepen a Mindfulness Practice, even if you have very little time, this book is an easy to read step by step guide with vivid images and bold page colors designed to stimulate, support, and empower.

7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness Week 4 as in weeks 1-3 gives you a few different ways to practice the daily themes. From Sunday to Saturday, each day includes a bold image, thought for the day, a meditation, and mantra to assist your practice as well as action steps to put the thoughts and mantras into practical use for your personal growth and to help reduce stress levels.

Week 4 is the most challenging of the series, continuing the evolution of your Mindfulness Practice.

The guide can be used however you choose–to first sit down & read in its entirety, then begin again on a Sunday going day by day. Or you can wait until a Sunday to begin the book, reading day by day or the night before in preparation for the day ahead…or you can use your favorite portions of the book and apply them to everyday living.

37 colorful pages.