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WORRY: The Anti-Wellness Drug–Wisdom Gems

Jacquie Bird

—-more—-“One definition of worry: ‘give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles…what strikes me about that definition? The phrase ‘give way.’ Hmm…in other words, worry=giving your Power away…” 

Today’s riff is, WORRY: The Anti-Wellness Drug. One way to spend your time and energy in a stressful way is to spend it worrying. We dose up heavy and often on this, particularly now as the world is in the grip of the novel Coronavirus. But what exactly, does worrying do that is pro-active?

Welcome to episode 31 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Here, I offer Wisdom Gems, short blasts between the major episodes to give you an Inspirational and Motivational boost with thoughts, mantras and/or affirmations to uplift your day, to Balance, Calm and Ground You.

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