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by Jacquie Bird

Hit The Ground Running And Centered-Episode 2

Jacquie Bird

“Whatever you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day…” Welcome to episode 2 of Roll With Peace, In Mind! You want to make sure you Hit The Ground Running and Centered.

In “The Talk” segment, I riff on the importance of making time in the day to ground and center, explaining why it is an integral aspect to your WellBeing and why you shouldn’t go through the day or leave home without it. I also introduce the idea of using gemstones and crystals in your grounding practice, some of the ones I suggest in no particular order are:

  1. Red Jasper
  2. Smoky Quartz
  3. Tiger’s Eye
  4. Black Tourmaline
  5. Jet (not really a gemstone but fossilized wood and coal)
  6. Agates
  7. Other types of Jaspers
  8. Hematite
  9. Bloodstone
  10. Onyx (black)
  11. Stones and pebbles from the beach, park or in your own backyard

I use gemstones in my handmade wellness brand MODAL VISIONS for their incredible energy and beauty. They adorn my wall hangings and jewelry. They can be used as meditation tools and are on my website–gemstones, crystals and copper are an important component in my well being and mindfulness practice.

in the second segment I take you through a brief sample of my StressBusters Guided Meditation (of which I am the creator and practitioner) to help you chill out and release some of the stress and anxiety you’ve been rollin’ with.

The music for “The Talk” is called Mukaitiende which is a traditional song in Shona Music, the music of Zimbabwe, Africa. I play on a magical instrument called dzavadzimu mbira, a particular type of mbira. This instrument is the inspiration for the creation of the Western instrument kalimba. The mbira is centuries old and translates as “Voice of The Ancestors” and is often erroneously referred to as a ‘thumb piano’ but if you saw the look that the great mbira master Chartwell Dutiro would give you if you said that, you’d never make that mistake again…and I quote: “it is NOT, a thumb piano…” (add proper accent along with dripping sarcasm and disdain here). (Note, I play the song rather slowly, generally speaking, the Zimbabweans FLY on this instrument lol!) Mukaitiende means “wake up, let’s go.” I love the mellow tones of this instrument, how the overtones sing. The Zimbabweans say, ‘feeling bad, play mbira, feeling sad, play mbira, feeling good, play mbira!’ I find the instrument to be soothing and calming while at the same time having an invigorating effect that is oh-so-good.

The sound healing music you hear for my StressBusters Guided Meditation is of my creation and all tracks in this episode are available separately for purchase at www.jacquiebirdspiritualwellness.com/podcast-music for direct and easy access for listening.

And lastly, who am I? I am Jacquie Bird of Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness. I have lived as a performing artist, Creative, and teacher since the age of 18. Bumps in the road? Um yeah…a LOT! They hurt? Uh huh, made a grown girl cry. But everything is a step in The Journey, to be Experienced and to be Learned from. Today I navigate with much more Grace, Wisdom, Joy, Intention, Mindfulness, Humor and GRATITUDE.

In these podcast episodes, I share what I have learned and am still learning, with YOU.

For me, Spiritual Wellness is of the utmost importance–I am the author of the eBook series www.jacquiebirdspiritualwellness.com

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