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Roll With Peace, In Mind Podcast
by Jacquie Bird


Jacquie Bird

—-more—-“When we are being PINCHED, when our nerves are FRIED, when we are about to SCREAM, when we are tired of being TIRED, that is the last thing we want to think about—the action of holding Consideration for another…” 

Today’s riff is, CONSIDER Being CONSIDERATE in CONSIDERATION, in these trying and uncertain times, we need to exercise our consider/considerate/consideration muscles even more. There are many lessons to learn in this Global ‘Time-Out’ and no better time than Now to be kinder to ourselves, to each other, to animals and to Gaia, Mother Earth.

Welcome to episode 35 of Roll With Peace, In Mind. Here, I offer Wisdom Gems, short blasts between the major episodes to give you an Inspirational and Motivational boost with thoughts, mantras and/or affirmations to uplift your day, to Balance, Calm and Ground You.

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